Drug Rehab News: Release of Overcoming Crystal Meth DVD

May 17, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
After years of living under the influence of crystal meth, Will finally overcame his drug addiction. Stuck in this tribulation of highs and physical weariness, he came to the brink of death, before eventually realizing how crystal meth had destroyed his life. His mother was powerless over her sonís ravish behavior and uncharacteristic rage. She could only watch in horror as her son slowly dug his own grave.

In this gripping new video, entitled Overcoming the Crystal, the truth about crystal meth, its dangers, its treacherous effects and destructive power is finally revealed. Watch as Will describes the impending effects of meth on his life: the rift it created between him and his family, the frightening physical transformation he underwent, and how he almost lost his mind. It had changed him, dulled his senses, and rendered him completely dependant on it.

As Will continues his disquieting testimony, he explains his road to recovery. It wasnít easy, since crystal meth is vehemently installed in the body. Through his drug rehab, Will gradually began to regain consciousness of his environment; start to think clearly once more; improve his mental and physical health and to control his life once more.

Overcoming the Crystal is a shocking video, bound to push an individual to reconsider the impact of drugs in our lives. It addresses the real crystal meth drug addiction problem spreading across the world, with the real facts and a real-life inspiring story. Organizations have already responded, slightly taken aback by the truthfulness and harshness of the situations presented. Several individuals have put forth requests to possess a copy of the video, and have shown a definite interest in the product.

Responding to this influx of interest, Narconon decided to make this video accessible to all. You can get your very own free copy of Overcoming the Crystal on DVD today. This free DVD is available to inform and educate the general public on the disastrous effect crystal meth has on lives. It shows that there is hope, that a drug addiction can be overcome, and that as vile and malevolent a drug as crystal meth is, it can be beaten.

A growing number of drug rehab centers and organizations acknowledge Narcononís proven crystal meth treatment and its effectiveness for helping addicts overcome their drug addiction. If you or someone you know is afflicted with a drug addiction, donít hesitate to contact Narconon.

For in-depth information about Narcononís crystal meth treatment, the current crystal meth situation and how you can obtain your free DVD, visit their website at www.narconon.ca

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