The Gallery at Kamalaya presents artist in residence Pablo Gentile.

May 18, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
For this artist Eastern symbolism has a mysterious ambiguity with which he seeks to communicate and venerate the infinite. The artist's intention is to reflect the soul's journey, a universal experience of conflict, beauty and wonder.

Gentile combines rich color, ornamentation, motifs and sacred symbols with a personal iconography, an ?mage bank" of his journeys through the Himalayas and Japan that are infused with the teachings of lamas, monastic refuge, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, yoga, martial arts and Feng Shui.

"In my works can be found the residue of actual experiences, captured impressions that could not be let go of. The real action is in getting it out; a bit like trying to jot down a message quickly before you forget what your're trying to say, or an attempt at remembering a dream before it slips away."

Pablo Gentile will be artist in residence at Kamalaya . Join us in welcoming him at Kamalaya's Gallery opening celebration. Herbal wines and elixirs will be served from the Alchemy bar.

Participate in his creation of an artwork inspired by music and the audience.
Explore your personal artistry in the Mandala Workshop.
Join Duncan Campbell, visionary radio and TV host and explorer of indigenous cultures and sacred traditions, in a discussion of Pablo's sacred imagery.

John Stewart, a founding partner of Kamalaya says. "Our vision and inspiration for creating Kamalaya is to bring together diverse traditions of healing, spirituality, creativity, community and lifestyle in order to provide an entry point from which people can explore and discover the magnificence of life."

Kamalaya's Yantra Hall, a mandala inspired structure, will Yantra Hall will serve as a venue for performances, workshops and seminars.

Centred around a cave temple that once served Buddhist monks as a place of meditative retreat and built at the edge of an idyllic lagoon, Kamalaya provides a unique setting for their commitment to education and the celebration of human potential. This spirit of place and synergy of holistic therapies, practices and seminars seek to activate the inner healing power within each person, which is the ultimate source of all true healing.

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