Company let’s their clients to chose their home and their neighbor!

May 19, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Based in Athens, Greece, Ekket Development ( has designed a brand new concept in its continuous effort to provide exceptional services to its clients.

The “Choose your neighbor” concept is a matching service for demanding clients who want to know and control who their neighbor is. According to the management, building a community is not just about selling homes but creating an environment where everyone will be happy, will share the same life style, and have the same values and needs in life. Our company goes beyond the basic needs of some clients to live in a neighborhood with the same traditional social and economic status and pays attention to personalized details. Needs are different, General Manager Emmanouil Filippou says. Some people want their neighbor to be polite or friendly, so they will have the opportunity to socialize; some others want their privacy and their own space. Many people want their neighbors to have animals because they do; others go even further and are looking for people with the same political views, similar education, same religion, same financial background and hobbies. We consider every desire and we try our best to match as many needs, personalities and lifestyles. Our goal is to make our communities a model for society and develop a new way of living.

Currently the company is planning its first community under the “Chose your neighbor” concept. We are very excited, Managing Partner Fotis Kakavos says, to provide such a service to a demographic where needs are more sensitive. People have worked very hard all their lives to have the life style they deserve. It is our mission to make sure our communities will represent their high standards and in every aspect the quality of life they deserve.