29 Book Reviewers Can't Be Wrong

May 21, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
about Camille Claudel, a Novel

#1. Combining an astonishing depth of historical research with a fertile imagination and great psychological insight. (Bookwire),
#2. A thrilling recreation of this Great Artist's story!. (RebeccasReads),
#3. "Her descent into madness, as rendered by Bond, a psychoanalyst, is fascinating, gripping and provides a special insight into the human brain.(The Armchair Review),
#4. One has to be very good to make this kind of literary device succeed and Alma is very good. This is a highly readable, always interesting novel." (Alan Caruba, Editor, Bookviews),
#5. .. draws readers in instantly. Itís a testament to Bondís skill that she transmits her conclusions about Claudelís character convincingly in Claudelís voice. (Cymbre Foster, Editor ForeWord CLARION),
#6.Bond has breathed fresh life into this neglected woman sculptor who many historians of art now believe helped to create some of Rodin's works.(Cassandra Langer, Midwest Book Reviews),
#7. Bond brings to life the dark workings of Camilleís genius mind. Most remarkable is the gradual change in Camilleís mind as she becomes more and more unstable. Flawlessly crafted and beautifully written. (Mayra Calvani, TCM Review),
#8. The genius of Dr. Alma H. Bond recreates the genius of Camille Claudel.(Kirtimaya Varma, The Signature, Singapore), .
#9. Alma H. Bondís fascinating portrayal of the woman artist captures more than just a personality; it reflects the harsh world of women artists - indeed, of all women - in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. (Bookshelf),
#10. ..the highly original manner in which she comes to terms psychologically with Rodin and the other important figures in her life. (Southern Review),
#11. This book is fantastic!(Ann Beardsley, Scribesworld Reviews)
#12. Dr. Alma Bond has written a novel that is a compelling read. (NANCY EATON, Best Sellers World.com),
#13. If youíd like to read a novel that makes you think about life, then you will enjoy Camille Claudel, a Novel (Womenís Fiction Reviews, Euro Reviews),
#14. ..a tour de force Camille Claudel: A Novel is a beautifully sculpted work.Ē (Feather Schwartz Foster, author of LADIES: A Conjecture of Personalities and Garfieldís Train),
#15. With an amazing flair for the written word, it is easy to become enraptured by the story. (Dana, Virtually Yourz April 2006 Newsletter),
#16. I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. It is incredible. Your publisher is lucky to have you. Your book spoke to me in exactly the manner A Room of One's Own did years ago. (Kay Day, Bookbeat, author Killing Earl, A Poetry Break),
#17. Dr. Bond takes an imaginative leap into the life, mind and work of a woman sculptor and restores Claudel to her rightful place in art history. (Mimi Weisbord, artist and writer),
#18. I could write a 10 page review of Camille Claudel, a Novel and still not do it justice … a total emotional and mental picture of a female artist. (Danae Wilkin, reviewer, Amazon.com),
#19. A rave review for Dr. Alma H. Bondís brilliant new novel, Camille Claudel: A Novel. Dr. Bondís psychological twist on this age-old love story makes this beautifully written novel a read that is truly impossible to put down. Bravo (Janet Brill, Ph.D., Faculty University of Miami, author of CholesterolDown),
#20…a fantastic read.. a great book (Wesley Wofford, sculptor),
#21. Bond is a genius at verbalizing the reality others are experiencing. (AnnieLaura Jaggers, Columnist, author of A Nude Singularity, Billy Freeman: Florida Keys Sheriff, and A Professorís Unforgettables),
#22. Excellent delve into the human mind. (Rox Taplett, "Editor - Simple Things"),
#23. Fascinating journey into Camille Claudel's heart & mind. Bravo Dr Bond!" (Sabah N. Al-Dhaher, sculptor),
#24..Highly recommended to those interested in women's history or art history. (Karen Christino, Free lance book reviewer)
#25…. a fascinatingly delicious and insightful love story..(.iMediafax.com, January 17, 2006.)
#26. Alma H. Bond, " Camille Claudel, a Novel," (CNW/FFWA Florida State Writing Competition , Award-winning novel.)
#27. ď I found myself fascinated by her thought process as a sculptor.Ē (Doris Anne Roop-Benner, Story Circle Reviews)
#28. First tag: COOL (Richard Lee Fulgham, Amazon.com)
#29. Dr. Bondís skill as a psychoanalyst brings an unusual element to the story of the tragic life of Camille Claudel. Bondís gifted insights shed light on both the genius and the madness of this fascinating sculptor. (Trish Riley, Board of Directors, ASJA, Award Winning Writer.)

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