Real Estate Investor Buys Houses Fast for Cash, Helps Homeowners in Financial Trouble

May 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Boise, Idaho — John Andersen, owner of, said he specializes in helping people with financial difficulties by purchasing their home within just days.

Andersen has been granted a federal trademark for the slogan "We Buy Houses Fast for Cash."

"The slogan describes what I do perfectly. I help people who think there is no solution to their financial difficulty. I pay cash for houses, and close within days. That gives people a way out, and it helps them protect their credit from the black marks of foreclosure and bankruptcy," explained Andersen.

People who turn to Andersen for help say his understanding, rapid response, and professional service enable them to resolve their problems quickly.

He started as a way to reach people who need help. His company provides creative real estate solutions to challenging problems, all the time maintaining the dignity and respect of the people who come to him.

"People suffering from adversity and financial problems need help fast. My company has the resources to come in and buy their house quickly to help financially troubled people put their problems behind them so they can start fresh,'" explained Andersen.

Faced with challenges such as divorce, illness, unemployment, and financial difficulty with too many debts and not enough income, homeowners may need to sell their home fast to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy.

"Whatever the form of adversity, many people find that they need help to sell their house fast. The urgency involved requires an investor who knows exactly what to do when time is so critical," said Andersen.

"I buy houses from people in almost any area, any condition, or price range. I specialize in finding creative solutions to real estate problems that others won't touch. I handle all of the paperwork, make all the arrangements, and close within a few days if necessary," said Andersen.

About Homes Gone Wild
John Andersen is a real estate investor in Boise, Idaho who created Homes Gone Wild to help homeowners who are unable to make their mortgage payments. He purchases houses fast for cash and helps people protect their credit. Andersen maintains a web site at

John Andersen

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