TJ Walker of Media Training Worldwide teams with ULiveandLearn to release an online Presentation Training School.

May 22, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Mendenhall, PA. May 2006 - ULiveandLearn, a leading eLearning solutions provider of critical business skills training for individuals and organizations, has developed a Web-based program on Professional Presentation Training, with author and trainer T.J. Walker, founder of Media Training Worldwide.

“Budget constraints and hectic schedules for executives looking to improve their presentation skills are like 8-track tapes – a thing of the past” says TJ Walker.

Media Training Worldwide provides more media and presentation training workshops and seminars (54 separate courses) than any other company and “TJ Walker is the leading media trainer in the world” – Stu Miller, Viacom Producer

The four hour multi-media course, is designed to help clients connect with their audience every time they speak. It teaches them how to make Power Point a friend rather than their worst enemy. Plus, it illustrates techniques to reduce nervousness, become a more persuasive and memorable speaker, and it also instructs students how to save time and anxiety in preparing for your next presentation.

“We are excited about this new course offering, both from the timeliness of the subject matter and the flexibility of the program’s design. Our clients find great value in offering alternative learning options to their employees and the multi-media Professional Training Program utilizes ULiveandLearn's flexible Learning solutions by offering packages that include live audio and video throughout the course," says Denise Easton, CEO and founder of ULiveandLearn. "We believe that this program will grow both in market reach and in depth of content as customized program options and employee training programs are implemented."


About Media Training Worldwide

Media Training Worldwide, pioneered by TJ Walker, specializes in media, presentation, public speaking and speech training, as well as executive coaching, to enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills for media interview, presentations and public speaking. They provide the highest level of service to you and guarantee that your communication skills will improve dramatically because you will be using the most innovative training and learning techniques and technologies available.

"TJ Walker takes the fear factor out of speaking to the media and live audiences and clearly explains the secrets of great communicators like Reagan and Clinton. The best part is, what he teaches you really works when you put it to practice." – TimeLife

About ULiveandLearn:

ULiveandLearn™ is a leading Communications, Collaboration and eLearning solutions provider and consultant, offering services ranging from program development and strategic planning to managing fully integrated collaboration and community centers. ULiveandLearn's new learning center product LC3 is a package of essential tools that can be integrated into any environment for technology-enhanced education & training, collaboration, community-building and knowledge exchange. Within the parameters of the LC3 toolset, ULiveandLearn can integrate any number of programs and tools including webcasting, virtual classrooms/offices, course catalogs, event registration and proprietary database into your customized portal.

ULiveandLearn offers a range of services to serve organizations with a learning-related mission, including businesses, government, schools, universities, libraries, museums, associations, conference organizers, publishers and global organizations. Current clients include, WHYY (public television in Philadelphia), Training Media Worldwide, University of Maryland School of Business, Innovate (an international journal), Fight SMA (spinal muscular atrophy), C2D3 (Colorado statewide program), ODN (Organization Development Network), numerous companies and professional training providers.

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