Everest Podcast Presents Unabridged Expedition Experience

May 24, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Colo. May 24, 2006—As this year’s Everest climbing season unfolds, a new podcast will treat outdoor enthusiasts to a rare behind-the-scenes look at an expedition to the highest peak on earth.
The groundbreaking project, “The Rest of Everest,” chronicles a Colorado climber’s 2003 journey to the top of the world. Viewers can find the free video podcast at www.therestofeverest.com. In weekly 20-30 minute episodes, filmmaker Jon Miller will take viewers along on the Himalayan adventures of 23-year-old mountaineer Ben Clark. It is the first podcast in the world to document an entire expedition, rather than just the occasional few minutes of highlights.

The Podcast is an outgrowth of Miller’s film “Everest: The Other Side,” a climbing documentary that made its national premiere last spring on the Dish Network. The feature-length movie followed Clark up the Northeast Ridge route in Tibet to the top of the world.
“Though the film has been very well received, there's so much of the story left to be told,” said Miller. “How can you compress an experience as large as Everest into 90 minutes? You can only show a small part of the total expedition. Podcasting is an entirely new way to tell this story—one which can accurately show the full depth of the experience. Viewers will come away with an overall understanding what it is like to be part of a major expedition.”

Miller returned from the 60-day Everest expedition with more than 80 hours of footage. However, only one minute of every hour filmed made it into the 84-minute movie. “The Rest of Everest” podcast will combine the rest of the footage from the expedition with commentary from Miller, Clark, photographer Major King and others involved in the trip.

For the first time, technology has made it possible and affordable to podcast longer video segments. As a result, “The Rest of Everest” can move beyond both the typical short podcast format and the standard adventure film format to provide a comprehensive account of what goes into climbing the world’s tallest peak. Through “The Rest of Everest,” Miller will share something new with viewers: the daily activities of an entire eight-week expedition, not just high points from the two weeks spent actually climbing.

While episodes will include stunning Himalayan scenery and a thrilling summit climb, they also will bring viewers a deep understanding of the cultural and interpersonal aspects of an Everest expedition. The podcast won’t edit out acclimatization, altitude sickness, pulmonary edema and chipped teeth. Weekend warriors, armchair enthusiasts and seasoned climbers alike will find an unabridged look at frustration, anger, acceptance and transcendence.

Viewers will join the team as they prepare physically and financially—from shopping for and stuffing duffels with 400 pounds of gear and high energy food to negotiating overbooked flights around the world. Episodes will include exploration of Kathmandu, stupa visits, a blessing ceremony and travel along Tibet’s breathtaking Friendship Highway. The Podcast will also offer an honest look at the contributions the team’s Sherpas made to the success of the expedition. Viewers will see the team’s bond grow as they gather for the first time, climb the upper reaches of the mountain and summit in the worst conditions imaginable. Episodes will see teams eating, praying, crying and celebrating with new friends as they experience the camaraderie of the international climbing community.

The Podcast is released every Wednesday and may be viewed directly on a computer with broadband Internet access. Episodes also can be downloaded from “The Rest of Everest” website and transferred to a video capable MP3 player such as an Apple iPod. The Rest of Everest Video Podcast can also be found in the iTunes Music Store Podcast directory where it consistently ranks within the top 100 travel-related Podcasts.

Miller owns TreeLine Productions, an award-winning production company based in Fort Collins, Colo. He has produced video work around the globe. Before launching TreeLine Productions, Miller built and operated the Northern Colorado Bureau for CNN Headline News Local Edition.