Startup Allows Students to Get Help With Questions and Get Paid for Helping Others

May 25, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News, an innovative Los Angeles startup, is a new “Web 2.0” website designed for students, learners, and tutors. Developed by three recent college graduates, it allows anyone to get answers to their questions and get paid for helping others. is the only site of its kind that both allows anyone to provide assistance and offers payment for answers.

The user-friendly site allows students and other learners to post questions for other users to answer. Most users seek help with homework, tutoring, proofreading, research, and technical questions. Along with their questions, users include a “bounty,” or what they would be willing to pay for the solution to the answer. The minimum bounty is only $0.25, though most users post questions worth two to three dollars. poses the question to its user base and the Internet as a whole using an innovative website design, immediate and digest emails, an RSS feed, and a powerful fuzzy-logic “Bounty Hunter.” This enables time-sensitive questions to receive maximum exposure. And, unlike most other question-and-answer oriented websites, allows any registered user to offer solutions to questions.

When a user posts a possible solution to a given question, the website emails the original buyer with a preview of the solution. When the question-asker purchases the solution, it is sent to them via email and stored indefinitely in their online “Solutions Bucket” for future reference. As an additional incentive to solution providers, stores all solutions in perpetuity and allows any registered use to purchased posted solutions, even if they didn’t ask the original question. protects buyers with solution previews, a robust dollar-weighted rating and comments tool, and a streamlined interface for clarification requests. Sellers rest assured that they will be compensated fairly for their efforts each and every time their solutions are used.

ABOUT STUDENT OF FORTUNE, INC.: Student of Fortune, Inc., was founded in 2006 by three recent college graduates who were frustrated by the lack of effective online resources for tutoring and research. It offers an innovative online tool and marketplace for homework and research assistance. For web content providers, offers an attractive affiliate marketing product.