Oxfordshire performance Hypnotherapist to help English Rugby team

January 21, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Dave Alfred is looking for the "edge" to help the English rugby team and he said of Sam "intrigued to meet you' The use of hypnosis in sports is now becoming much more widespread. Hypnosis is effective in utilising the minds own internal resources whereby top-flight sportsmen can remain calm, confident and focused when under extreme pressure. On the Rugby Club recently Stuart Barnes stated that' Rugby is a different game when you are under pressure'

Tension is a performance killer and can spread thorough our entire team. Dave Alfred in looking to expand the mental preparation of the English rugby team and said 'One of the key messages we are trying to get across to our players is to have the humility to learn in order to improve in this competitive world of rugby' In requesting for the "edge' he further states "I would like to meet you when I return from Australia'

Sam can be contacted on 01608 645445 or wellerassociates.co.uk for interviews.

Sam is unique in the world of hypnotherapy, as he has come from a successful professional background. First as an Army Officer and as Regional Director for a Financial Services Company. For Sam hypnotherapy is a process whereby you should achieve an "edge' for your clients "it is all about results' Sam focuses on business development as well as sports enhancement having played rugby at representative level. This blend of worldly-wise experience and hypnotherapy qualification in his profession makes him much sought after on a 121 basis and for business group presentations. At present he is actively engaged on an awareness campaign to bring his profession out of the stage entertainment closet and into the mainstream for competitive edge.