MLS Search Offered on 3,000 Real Estate Web Sites

June 01, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Minneapolis, MN – - network of 3,000 web sites and domains focusing on condos, lofts and townhomes is offering MLS search with exclusive quality leads for real estate brokers and real estate agents. Also, rich media ads are offered for builders, developers, real estate agents, suppliers, etc.

Sample web site can be seen at

List of available domains visit

“As the real estate market cools - real estate agents, brokers, developers, builders and businesses involved with the real estate industry are looking for alternative methods for real estate advertising and real estate marketing. In today’s Internet age it is no longer viable for maintaining exclusive or a low percentage of advertising budgets focused on traditional media such as newspapers. Now is the time to increase Internet advertising budgets to at least 80% of the total budget,” said Randy Kempenich, President of Kemteck Inc., owner of web sites.

“Internet real estate marketing has exploded. According to a report by Borrell and Associates, local online advertising will increase by 39% in 2006. More impressively, by 2009 online advertising expenditures will surpass newspapers. A recent Google report stated that local real estate advertising/adwords accounted for ½ of the local keyword revenue. Our inventory of local premium real estate websites and domains clearly will have a significant impact for our real estate customers, advertisers and marketers,” said Kempenich.

“The challenge for real estate brokers, agents, marketers and advertisers is attracting relevant visitors to their web sites and more importantly capturing those visitors. Today, it is not simply a story about building a web site with visitors flocking to your web site. Competition for online traffic is fierce with more and more entrants to the market everyday. To succeed in real estate you must succeed online. To succeed online you have to develop a niche or specialty that cannot be easily duplicated. has developed a marketing system that cannot be easily duplicated – ownership of premium web sites which are connected to a national network,” said Kempenich.

“Location, Location, Location - Just like real estate, Internet real estate is limited and success for real estate brokers and agents will ultimately be determined by location (domain name). Our premium web sites and domain names entice and attract more clicks and web site visitors. Also, search engines apply a higher ranking for our relevant domain names along with relevant content. Sample web sites and domains are;,,,,,,,, and many more,” said Kempenich.

Interested parties should inquire ASAP. Like real estate - prime locations (web site advertising spots) will go first. Availability is limited.

For sample web site visit;

For availability and questions call (612-623-3216) or email

About is the nation's only network of 3,000 premium real estate web sites and domain names. is a regularly featured innovator at the Real Estate Connect Conferences in New York and San Francisco. web sites are consumer centric and locally niche focused with a very high search engine and ad click-thru with quality consumer lead capture. Each individual web site is marketed and designed for a specific metropolitan area. Locally focused web sites are able to provide better local content, more useful information and locally based real estate services for the consumer. Locally based web sites provides the ability to target market and develop more focused traffic which will provide quality referrals and sales for our partner real estate brokers and advertisers. Kemteck ( Inc owns and affiliated web sites.

Source: Kemteck Inc.
Contact: Randy Kempenich, President, Kemteck Inc., 612-623-8347