CogniFit Releases New Software for Breast Cancer Chemofog

June 01, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Nazareth Illit, Israel, May 1, 2006 - CogniFit, the world leader in cognitive training and assessment, has developed a new program, Back On Track, that has been designed specifically for women who have undergone chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer and are experiencing the "chemofog" associated with cancer treatments.

One possible side effect of chemotherapy is long-term cognitive impairment. Symptoms, in particular memory and concentration problems, are frequently reported by cancer patients treated with chemotherapy, even years after completion of treatment.

Back On Track is easy-to-use computer software that was developed using patented, scientifically based technology. It has proven that active training improves the cognitive skills necessary for everyday activities, and includes a variety of tasks designed specifically to exercise the basic cognitive skills needed for daily functioning.

People experiencing the cognitive effects of chemotherapy generally respond very well to focused rehabilitation efforts. Just as a person goes to the gym to keep their body in top shape, the brain needs to be exercised as well. Back On Track will engage the mind by exercising all the major cognitive skills and will help to find ways to cope with cognitive deficits.

The best results from the Back On Track program will be achieved by scheduling a training routine. Just as a person schedules physical fitness classes, they should also set specific days and times for Back On Track training. Back On Track provides a comprehensive program of mind-fitness exercises. CogniFit recommends that users schedule a regular 20-minute meeting with their computer 2-3 times a week, to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The first thousand downloads of a beta version of the software are available for free at After that, it will be sold for $149.00.

About CogniFit
CogniFit Ltd. is the world leader in developing and marketing computerized assessment and training of cognitive skills. The company uses its patented, scientifically validated technology to develop programs that make a significant impact on the lives of all segments of the population by enhancing basic cognitive skills such as memory, perception and attention. CogniFit products are marketed in North America and throughout Europe, the Mid and Far East.

All CogniFit products are based on the patented MindFitness Technology.

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