Discovering the Oceans Wilder

June 02, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Discovering the Oceans Wilder
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Greg Grivetto Horizon Charters
(California) June, 2006 – Horizon Charters has launched a new shark diving website in response to unprecedented interest in cage diving at famed shark site Isla Guadalupe. It is the globally recognized destination for divers seeking National Geographic style encounters with Great White sharks (Carcharodon carcharias). Horizon Charters based in San Diego, California has been an integral part of the Isla Guadalupe shark story since the beginning.
“We have been running dive charters to this spectacular dive site for the past 13 years”, says Greg Grivetto owner of Horizon Charters. “It just took us a while to launch a shark related website and we’re pretty excited about It’s a complete shark diving resource”
For the past 5 years divers from all over the planet have been boarding either of the Grivettos two shark diving vessels the MV Horizon and MV Ocean Odyssey to encounter Great Whites in the spectacular underwater environment at Isla Guadalupe. The site quickly earned the nickname White Shark Heaven by returning divers. “Our dive crews have had the most time on the water with these magnificent animals” says Grivetto, “and that translates into some pretty exciting encounters over the past few years”.
Shark Research
Horizon Charters along with the launch of is proud to announce its continued support with the ongoing shark research effort at the island. “We have been very involved with the entire project” Grivetto acknowledged. The study in tandem with Mexico’s CICIMAR, U.C.Davis, PIER, Shark Diver and now Nautilus Explorer is a collaborative effort to understand what this unique shark population is doing from year to year at this site.
“We would like to know if chumming has an effect on these animals and what they are feeding on while they are here, this is the kind if direct science that we are always supporting. Shark diving is just one aspect of what we do. You have to give back to the resource in a real way”. Grivetto and the crews from Horizon Charters will continue ongoing operations at this remarkable dive site this fall. To discover your own shark diving adventure go to

About Greg Grivetto
Greg Grivetto's love for the sea was formed in his early years as he ventured out onto the Pacific with his parents onboard their first small charter fishing boat. Having experienced the ocean and its inhabitants at such a young age he grew to love the liquid environment and vowed one day to share his knowledge and love for the ocean with others.

In his 19 years as captain with Horizon Dive Charters, he has taken divers, whale
watchers, bird watchers and sightseers the entire 750 miles
of the Pacific coast of Baja and has spent innumerable days exploring California’s Channel Islands and offshore seamounts. "My reason for working on and in the ocean for as many years as I have is very simple to understand for those of
us that have been fortunate enough to spend any amount
of time at sea. I encourage everyone with a sense of
adventure to experience the ocean and embrace the
wonder of all it has to offer."