New Website May Provide a Glimpse into the Future of Politics: Offers a "Wikiplatform" for Political Parties

June 01, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Politics News

Los Angeles, California

A new World Wide Web service, called Wicracy, has been made publicly
available in beta form at The system, perhaps best
described as a "wikiplatform" for political parties, may be a preview of the
way user-generated content sites will affect politics.

Through, registered voters can create and develop a non-binding
political platform for the party to which they belong. Users propose
"planks" - i.e., particular stances on issues - to be included in the
party's platform and ratify planks proposed by others. Once a given plank
has been ratified by enough members, it becomes adopted as part of the
party's political platform on

"Wicracy is a powerful vehicle for user-controlled content in the field of
politics," commented Wicracy creator Shelley Harrison. "We hope to have
full functionality in time for the 2006 elections and to introduce a number
of enhancements for the 2008 presidential race."

One of the most powerful, unprecedented features made possible by the model is called the "representativeness indicator." By allowing
party views to be broken down issue-by-issue and the strength of these views
to be measured with precision, the degree to which a given political
candidate represents the views of his or her party can be quantified more
accurately and precisely than previously possible. The representativeness
indicator function is anticipated for launch later this year. also expects to allow formation of user coalitions -
essentially voting blocs - so as to further enhance the power of the user
control model. The site also features a blog-like function that allows
users to submit arguments for and against the adoption of a particular

Eventually, will allow users to fund individual planks, thereby
putting the power of the purse behind their views on specific issues.

"We are using the catch phrase 'Total Democracy' for the site because that
is really what Wicracy provides: a truly empowered electorate," explained
Nicole Theiss, quality assurance lead for the project. is provided as a free public service by Inventerprise LLC, an
award-winning invention and design company. Additional information can be
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