FUEL DB turns 1.0

June 01, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Bellevue, WA. — ITTIA, developers of the finest lightweight database for embedded systems and mobile devices, announced today the official launch of version one of its FUEL DB cross-platform product. FUEL DB is an excellent database choice which offers full transactional support along with multi-threaded shared access. FUEL DB is targeted at mobile hand-held developers, embedded device developers, and OEM vendors world-wide that are looking for a fast and efficient database to embed in their applications.

FUEL DB v1.0 delivers special features for embedded and mobile developers, including:

-The ability to store an entire database in a single file
-A portable file format – create the database on a development machine and access it on an embedded device
-Small footprint ensures more memory for the important processes of the application
-Highly configurable to optimize the library for a specific application
-Transaction log provides recovery after an application or system crash
-Integrated B+Tree indexing
-Multiple isolation levels
-Convenient C/C++ API

ITTIA plans to support all industry-standard platforms. Developers will be able to develop their application in one operating system environment and, without changing a single line of database code, deploy their application into a different operating system with ease. As a result, they can develop with minimal investment, zero administration, no disruption, and, with ITTIA's reasonable licensing model, gain a competitive edge for their application.

ITTIA’s main focus is to work with customers to reduce the total cost of ownership for their application by selecting FUEL DB. ITTIA provides the highest possible quality of software, excellent technical support and suitable licensing options.

"We are pleased to deliver FUEL DB version one as it includes the most-requested features and functionalities required by embedded and mobile developers," said Sasan Montaseri, President of ITTIA. "ITTIA offers the best database for embedded systems and mobile hand-held developers, and we will continue to work toward becoming the number one position in that market.”

The version one release of FUEL has been enhanced and tested by developers in the industry. ITTIA offers evaluation versions of its FUEL DB database for Windows, Linux, and VxWorks.


ITTIA offers versatile database software for embedded systems and mobile devices. Our advanced database technology is supported by excellent technical support and consulting. ITTIA customers include GlaxoSmithKline, VNU, Boeing, Moodys, Sandia National Laboratory and many other companies that have benefited from our superior database solutions.

For more information about FUEL, visit www.ITTIA.com/fuel.