Simple and free service for listing rental properties from

June 01, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News now offers unlimited free rental listings for owners of rental properties worldwide. has simplified listing rental properties to a single web form. Once submitted the rental property owner has created a listing and a property website.

Unlike other sites that offer rental listings RentalCapital does not have any strings attached to its listings. Other rental property sites have either fees for listing or collect a commission for a successful rental; does not. The few free sites usually have seminars or other upsells on offer. is a solely advertising funded site. The site offers the rental property owner the opportunity to display pictures and details of their property which will increase the visibility of their property. It also allows prospective tenants to self eliminate from a wasteful showing of a poor fit property. has no restrictions on who can list. Rental Agencies or private owners are both welcome.

“…By providing users with their own websites property owners can avoid website creation and hosting costs.”
Robert Donovan, CTO

After creating a listing with the property owner will not only have a listing but they will also have a rental property website. They can refer to this site in their own advertising including traditional newspaper advertisements linking prospective tenants directly with their listings and corporate information.

Programmed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, has just opened its ‘doors’. People looking for a free rental property website or listing can go to .

Robert Donovan
960 Barrington Street Suite 209
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada