Coastal Vacations' Largest Worldwide Marketer Boosts Sales With Training Program

June 01, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Learning how to market more effectively is the key to success at the original Coastal Vacations Call Center. Providing a better selling system made them the largest worldwide marketer of Coastal Vacations travel products. Many new members experienced success for the first time, after years of dabbling in other business ventures. Some simply exploded their traditional Coastal Vacations business by moving over to the ultra-successful hybrid platform. The business model is explained at .

Many business owners would be content with their historic success. They are the largest, fastest growing and most successful group with the 11 year old top rated home based business. However, the leadership continued to improve a system that others wished they could just come close to equaling.

Last year the business outgrew their old facility in Mesa Arizona, and moved to a much larger, and expandable facility in Tempe Arizona. Sales staff was increased to accommodate the increasing call volume. At that time the original Coastal Vacations Call Center took the name Coastal Vacations Sales Center to better describe the extent of the services they provide. With the move and expansion, the Sales Center leadership felt they were better able to handle an ever increasing call volume, and with that in mind, they introduced enhancements to the system that further boosted sales volume.

With the launch of a fast paced flash movie, a new informative website with an integrated autoresonder system, and four interactive Q&A conference calls a week they had improved what was already the best mouse trap available in the home based business arena.

What came next was pure genius. The leadership began conducting live training conference calls every week to teach their membership how to market more effectively, and how to properly use the new system enhancements to produce even more sales.

In addition to the live calls, members have access to a robust training website with hours of audio and video training. Text book training can be printed from the website for those that want to read away from the computer.

California based Coastal Vacations Director and Sales Center training team member Dean Marino explains the improvements: "In the beginning everyone just felt that new members would know how to market, advertise, and produce sales. Many did just that, and we quickly began breaking previous sales records. Some stumbled, and those that helped them get into the business were unable or didn't have the time to teach them how to market. We instituted our training system to ensure that all new members have a duplicatable system to plug into."

Marino explained that; "many new Coastal Vacations associates have never owned their own successful business before. In the traditional business model, that means they must wear all the hats for the first time. They are the marketer, salesperson, follow-up coordinator, closer, product procurement manager, accountant, copywriter, webmaster and chief trainer. That is a daunting set of skill sets for them to acquire and that is why the overwhelming majority of them fail to ever make a dime."

The overwhelming success of the Sales Center training system is that members get focused, specialized knowledge they can learn quickly. They don't have to learn everything to have success because the full time staff takes care of many of the details including asking for the money and shipping travel packages.

Sales continue to increase with the training system in place. Marino explained that members continue to innovate and utilize the full time staff in different ways; "While members still just place ads and let our staff do the rest, others have a more hands on approach. Members who are comfortable making phone calls take advantage of our full time account executives to 3-way phone calls with interested prospects into the Sales Center. It makes sense. In the traditional Coastal Vacations business, sponsors boast about 17 hour work weeks and taking long vacations. That means they are rarely available for training and 3-way calls when their members need them."

Marino explained that in addition to his full time staff, he is available to his members for personal mentoring and one on one coaching 7 days a week. He shares proprietary tools with his group that supplement the extensive training system he has helped create for the Sales Center. Learn more about Dean Marino and his ultra-successful hybrid Coastal Vacations business at .