E-Learning – New Online Language Tuition Service

January 26, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News

E-Learning – New Online Language Tuition Service

London, UK, 27th January, 2005 – The importance of learning a foreign language is becoming increasingly important to businesses and individuals challenges in the new millennium. A new online language tuition service has been launched by UK outfit, Kwintessential, designed to assist people wanting to fit in language lessons around a busy lifestyle.

Research and statistics from both sides of the Atlantic over the past 5 years have continued to point to the fact that languages are critical to success in the new global world economy.

Language skills are good for both employer and employee. For an employee, foreign language speakers can unlock doors to foreign markets linguistically plus act as bridges between cultures. For employees, knowing a foreign language means you are more in demand, can earn better wages and have the possibility of international travel.

Global business success therefore seems simple – speak a foreign language. However, in reality people with language skills are in the minority.

“Part of the problem is that people see learning a foreign language as a hassle. Not only do they have to learn new grammar and vocabulary, they also have to attend classes and sacrifice their own ‘free time’,” explains Neil Payne, MD of Kwintessential.

Kwintessential, a company that traditionally provided face to face language tuition, is now launching an online language tuition service designed for individuals that have the desire to learn a foreign language yet want to control the when, where and how’s of the process.

“Many people still prefer the traditional face to face arrangement but we have seen that many people are just too busy, cannot commit to regular times, do not want to travel to classes or simply want to be able to learn a language sitting on the sofa,” adds Payne.

By taking out as much of the inconvenience in language learning as possible, Kwintessential hope to encourage more people into taking on a foreign language.

The new online set-up allows the learner to take foreign language lessons using internet based programmes such as messenger services. Students still ‘see’ their teacher and vice versa via webcams and lessons are carried out in exactly the same manner as if the two were in the same room.

Kwintessential believe the majority of interest will come from busy people that are keen to learn but need greater flexibility, parents that would prefer their children to learn at home, people living in rural communities with poor access to language schools, the disabled, learners wanting more one-on-one attention and of course the ‘couch potato’.
For more information visit the Kwintessential site at http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/online/language-tuition.html or contact them on 0044 208 406 9288.

About Kwintessential
Kwintessential is a London, UK based cross cultural communications consultancy offering specialist intercultural training courses, language tuition, translation and interpreting.

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