Personal Oxygen Concentrators put travel in reach for those who require medical oxygen

June 07, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Airline Travel has often seemed out of reach for people who are dependant on medical oxygen due to medical conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Patients who require medical oxygen were forced to preplan for oxygen deliveries months in advance for all stages of their trip. Even with perfect planning, the added expenses and the stress involved with coordinating oxygen supplies at each airport, on board oxygen for every flight segment, and at each destination can make travel nearly impossible.

The approval of Personal Oxygen Concentrators for use on commercial flights has removed those barriers. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) No.106, 14 CFR Part 121 which becomes effective August 11, 2005, permits passengers to use certain portable oxygen concentrator (POC) devices on commercial aircraft. The Inogen One POC has been approved for use aboard aircraft and during flight and is specifically named in SFAR 106. In accordance with section 3(b)(3) of the regulation, patients requiring supplemental oxygen while onboard an aircraft must carry with them a detailed physician statement regarding the medical need for supplemental oxygen and the approval of the use of a POC such as the Inogen One.

Currently, the following airlines have approved onboard use of the Inogen One Personal Oxygen Concentrator:

Air France
Alaska Airlines
Allegiant Air
American Airlines
ATA Airlines
Delta Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines
Midwest Airlines
Northwest Airlines
SAS Airlines
Southwest Airlines
Sun Country
USA 3000
US Airways

Guidelines for the use of Personal Oxygen Concentrators:

The POC may only be used in its battery-operated mode. Many Airlines do not have electrical outlets onboard for commercial product use.

To be used onboard during a commercial flight, the Inogen One POC must have a label attached indicating that it has been approved for use in aircraft.

The Customer must have a sufficient number of fully charged batteries to cover the duration of the flight and anticipated delays, plus one extra charged battery for unanticipated delays. Extra batteries must be packaged for carryon in a manner to prevent short circuit. Battery terminals must either be recessed or packaged so as to prevent contact with metal objects, including terminals of other batteries. The Inogen One offers several power options including a AC home adapter, a 12 volt DC power converter for your car, and a 4 prong adapter which is the same type used for laptops that is available on many RVs and on some commercial aircraft. For most domestic flights, you should have at least 3 batteries which will provide sufficient power for a 5 hour flight and up to 3 hours for layovers and unforeseen delays.
When you are traveling with an Oxygen Concentrator, make sure that you inform your travel agent or the booking agent that you are using a POC and arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before departure.
You will also need to have a letter from your personal physician stating that you have a medical need for using in flight oxygen, and that you are capable of hearing and responding to the alarms from the POC unit. Contact your airline to download any appropriate forms and verify any requirements that they may have.
The Inogen One Personal Oxygen Concentrator is attractive, light weight (9.7 lbs), very compact (approximately 11.6 x 6 x 12.4), and offers the longest battery life of any FAA approved unit (2-3 hours per battery vs. 50 minutes). The Inogen One is the quietest personal oxygen concentrator available, operating at about 30 db (about as loud as rustling leaves) which makes it the ideal travel solution for your comfort and the comfort of those around you.

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