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January 27, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Donetsk, Ukraine - January 27, 2005 - The second semester of each academic year is the best time for students to think about their future job. And the first question any employer asks is 'What were you doing due to your specialty during those academic years of yours?' That was the reason XITEX Software Company launched its global project aimed to help students of software and web development, design and marketing in their professional growth and their primary portfolio contribution. It's Intercollegiate Web Development International Contest (I.C.W.D.I.C.) 2005.

'We are keen to develop strong and good relationships between institutions of higher education and key players on the world and regional software and web development market. The need of highly qualified innovative professionals always remains steady for every company. And we are sure that a college is that source we always undervalued,' assumes Alexander Krivko, XITEX Software President. So, I.C.W.D.I.C. 2005 is developed to become a medium between colleges/universities and companies all over the world.

The Contest's basis is the development of a new dynamic website by student teams for their colleges/universities from scratch to final solution. In order to decrease all programming efforts teams will use a content management solution Xitex WebContent M1 XITEX Software provides. So, the main part of job should be dispersed among web designers and developers, marketers and copyrighters. This should be not a simulation of a team project work but a real project development, which can be used by an institution of higher education it was developed for.

In order to get colleges closer to companies, a board of independent judges will be formed of them. The judges will evaluate each project, and define regional and global winners. By means of XITEX Software all the data about each project's participants can be forwarded to an interested judge in order to make it able to contact the proper person regarding the further employment or collaboration. XITEX Software will also provide teams interested in their own business establishing with a consultative support then.

'The essential of I.C.W.D.I.C. 2005 is that there won't be losers. Winners will be awarded, and those who won't win will receive the same opportunity to get in touch with companies interested in good relationships with institutions of higher education. Even average project can have unique and creative ideas, you know,' Alexander Krivko says.

To get more info and to apply for the contest visit the I.C.W.D.I.C. 2005 website:

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