World Cup 2006 U.S. Theme Song Released

June 11, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Hollywood, California, (PR LEAP) June 09, 2006 — When America's soccer team run out for their first 2006 World Cup match on Monday, a song from Hollywood could be ringing in their ears.

As U.S. soccer fans erupt with soccer fever this week, a California songwriting duo release their own super-catchy American anthem on opening day of the World Cup in anticipation of Monday's first United States match with the Czech Republic in Germany.

"Rhythm of the ball" is co-written by vocalist and songwriter Frank Morrison (ASCAP) and producer Randall Michael Tobin from Theta Sounds Music (ASCAP) who collaborated with Morrison in the arrangement.

"It was time for the millions of U.S. fans and the American team to have our very own World Cup anthem just as fans from other countries do…", said Frank Morrison in an interview. The song has a very catchy beat and the lyrics start by describing the passion of American soccer fans at a World Cup stadium as they gather together in one place no matter their nationality, race or religion.

The chorus is definitely full of rhythm as Morrison, a serious soccer fan, imagines team U.S.A. winning the final round in a closed match while the players "hear the roaring of the crowd and all the people getting loud."

The song is very patriotic and captures the feeling of most American soccer fans with statements like "It's the land of the free where the World Cup should be" and "Feel the soccer fever in the land of the brave.”

Lyrics and an mp3 version of the anthem song can be downloaded from and if Morrison's dream comes true, perhaps team U.S.A. will bring the World Cup where Morrison thinks it should be - home sweet home.