Liverpool: A New Vision in Boomtown

June 12, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Those of you who do not live in the north west of England may not know this, but the City of Liverpool appears to be doing rather well, and not only in the opinion of fiercely patriotic Merseysiders. For last year Liverpool was confirmed, by a number of eminent Europeans as the European Capital of Culture 2008. More recently, the city was declared – at a meeting in Shanghai no less - as a Unesco World Heritage Site, based upon Liverpool’s significance as a maritime port and recognising the architectural, commercial and social significance of the now massively redeveloped dock area.
<br><br>Lest one or two of you are inclined to scoff, during the period running up to 2008, Liverpool and the surrounding region will benefit from more than £2 billion invested in its cultural and tourism infrastructure, generating an estimated 14,000 extra jobs. Estimates are that the cumulative effect of the appointment as Capital of Culture will generate an additional 1.7 million visitors, bringing as much as £50 million per year to the region.<br><br>
The Resurgence of a City<br> What this means is that Liverpool and the surrounding area is being seriously spruced up, with stylish new buildings going up as if God threw down a massive packet of seeds, and virtually every other building receiving a serious wash and brush up. And that is excellent news for local firms.<br><br>
Homeowners in the region are also enjoying seeing their property values soar, which, if slow to gather momentum compared with other regions, looks like being sustained as those areas top out. There is a confidence in the area, says K Seal’s Commercial Director Steve Woolley; “As in other areas people are enjoying the additional equity they have in their homes and are spending it on improvements. There is a strong tendency by homeowners in the area to specify quality home improvements.”<br><br>
Homeowners in the region are clamouring for conservatories and want the best. K Seal have developed Enviroglas™, which they manufacture using Pilkington Activ™ and other Pilkington products, to offer their customers a product that easily outperforms the competition. The thermal and acoustic performance is excellent, and none of the other branded IGUs are able to offer self-cleaning glass with anywhere near the effectiveness of Pilkington Activ™. It’s a perfect solution for conservatory roofs and sales have really taken off.<br><br>
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