Preconstruction Real Estate experiences growth in a cooling real estate market.

June 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Fort Lauderdale (June 2006)
Adache Real Estate LLC. / (aka)Preconstruction Networks, a company specializing in preconstruction sales, proudly announced today that the combination of technology and strong relationships with international brokers has allowed the company to experience substantial growth during a cooling real estate market. The changing market conditions have not negatively affected the growth or performance of the company but have actually helped to intensify their focus on heavily scrutinized projects that meet the company’s criteria.

The Company’s utilization of technology and Internet marketing combined with its website ( ) and solid alliance with international brokers, has put the company in a favorable position . Adam Adache, the company’s President, noted, “Our website alone has become a tremendous vehicle that is gaining momentum on a daily basis. We easily receive several hundred registrations per month from potential brokers and clients all over the United States, and the world, searching for various opportunities. Although the changing market conditions have pushed the novice speculators out of the market, Florida real estate will always remain an opportunity for the seasoned investors and second home buyers. Mr.Adache added, as negative publicity becomes old news, local markets will regain momentum due to the influx of people flocking to the state.”

The price of the Euro and Pound have risen against the Dollar, and many counties in Latin America and abroad are still experiencing economic and political instability. This puts significant value on the strong alliances the company holds with its International Brokers. As Mr. Adache explains, “Many countries buy for different reasons. Although all view real estate purchases as an investment of sorts, investment criteria varies from country to country. Many Europeans buy for vacation homes / investments while certain countries in Latin America look for sound investments to transfer money out of unstable economies.”

The new reality is developers are canceling projects weekly due to the disappearance of novice speculators and the rising cost of construction. The market only has room for quality projects that make sense. Although the company showcases over 100 projects on its website, which ultimately drives buyers to the website, the company’s strategy is to primarily stay focused on only a few select projects that meet a high standard of criteria. “Of course this does not mean we turn away website buyers specifically requesting to purchase a unit of another project on our website”, Mr.Adache added, “Although it is our philosophy, for our investment minded buyers, to remain focused on a few heavily screened projects, we understand that there are many buyers that know exactly what they want and our website is a great place to start.”

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