Free Internet Resource Teaches Self Defense Against A Knife Attack

June 14, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
During the month of June, is featuring two self defense instructional videos, teaching individuals how to defend themselves against an attacker with a knife.

Surveying subscribers, determined that defending oneself against attackers with weapons was a major need for those concerned with self defense. These results prompted the release of this latest content.

Shihan Michael Pace of Pace Karate in Vernon New Jersey contributed two effective defensive tactics to protect oneself against a knife thrust attack. Shihan Pace has over 37 years of martial arts and self defense experience, and teaches methods designed to work under the most stressful situations.

It is a fact that many times weapons are employed during assaults and robberies. “Although it is recommended that people not resist an armed robbery, it is important to know that if one is physically attacked with a weapon, there are options available,” said Trey Crake, President of Dragon Claw Publications. has gained rapid popularity online since its launching in March of this year. This free resource offers access to practical, effective self defense instructional video techniques, tips, articles, and ebooks.