New Credit Site, Gives More Than Just Credit?

June 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Credit Site Giving a Hand Up.

In these times where absolutely everything revolves around one's ability
To obtain credit and at a reasonable rate of interest, it has become increasingly clear that the majority of Americans have what is coined
As "less than perfect" to "troubled" credit.
(a Freddie Mac study that found that 48% of Americans have bad credit.)

In this situation, so many of us struggle to and even avoid the process
Of applying for credit when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle, home
Or even a simple credit card for fear of the impending "Declined" that one
Always dreads hearing, but is all too familiar. It is understandable that most people in this situation have a strong desire to improve and re-establish their credit.
Additionally, research shows that for the majority of Americans,
when it comes to late payments and bankruptcy, most often the cause is an unforeseen immediate or long term medical situation which makes it all the more lamentable that the credit scoring system by the major reporting agencies
Is such an impersonal, cold calculation. Whatever happened to the human equation?

The answer comes in the form of a company who strives to view it's business
As a resource to those of us for whom for one reason or another have happened upon circumstances that have left us without the ability to obtain every type of credit that is afforded to those who rightfully deserve it but nonetheless have been fortunate to some degree to be sure. In creating, Founder Carlos Ugalde (an art director for a major web marketing firm based in CA.) and John Oster,( a talented programmer with an SEO firm with nationwide contacts), sought to create an environment where people with less than perfect, to outright bad credit would have wide ranging access to virtually every type of credit loan, credit card, home or auto loan with pre-screened, reputable lenders
With programs tailored to meet the needs of these people.

However, it is all to easy to just say "here is some credit" and "see you later!" The tagline in its logo states: "Because you Deserve More." And the
Founder takes that sentiment seriously, because what you will find at ICS
Is not only access, but information. Every last page within the site has a complete full page description of the type of loan or credit, how the process works, what situation may or may not benefit from the service as well as information regarding third party, non profit informational websites so as to give the consumer a sense of making the right choice hence the name, Informed Credit Solutions.

The Company is in it's infancy, and is currently working with it's research team in compiling a resource library with information regarding everything from current laws regarding credit, new credit programs and grants,
News and events and anything that can be found to be of use to those looking
To re-establish improve or begin their credit history.