January 27, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A new cooperative cardboard recycling scheme, hosted by G&G Food Supplies, has been set up between G&G and two other companies in Imberhorne Way with great success, reducing costs and benefiting the environment.

"We just felt that, as we generate so much cardboard here - mainly due to the packaging of the ingredients deliveries of the vitamin products we manufacture - it was a shame it was just filling up landfill sites along with other rubbish, when it could be recycled," says Ken Sturgeon, Estates Manager of G&G. "So, at additional cost to the company, we decided to get SITA to give us an another skip into which we only put cardboard. We felt that this extra cost was worth it, for the sake of the environment."

The extra skip also brought two main benefits with it. Before recycling, a SITA lorry was collecting the ordinary skip many times a
week since so much of the rubbish was made up of cardboard. This was expensive and also caused access problems since it distrupted traffic around the factory each time. The number of collections has now dramatically reduced causing less traffic problems and costs.

It was then realised that two other companies in Imberhorne Way also produce a noticeable amount of cardboard waste, namely the catering company Food Time and Factory Direct Bikes, both neighbours to G&G. So they were invited to place their cardboard in G&G's skip instead of throwing it away.

"There is usually an additional cost to recycling schemes but I am happy to tell you that, thanks to the financial arrangement we three
companies have come to, it is actually cost effective for us to recycle our cardboard than to throw it away," says Ken. "I sincerely hope that
other companies will now follow our example as we have proved that it can be done."

Photo caption: Recycling their cardboard are, from top to bottom: Graham Stubbs, MD of Factory Direct Bikes; Ken Sturgeon, Estates Manager, G&G Food Supplies and Andy Wade, Sales Development Manager of Food Time.


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