Kansas City Schools Accentuate the Positive: Stop Name-Calling Kamaron® Institute KC3™ anti-bullying program cuts name-calling in half

January 28, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
"Itís a positive process," explains Kamaron Institute President, Margaret Ross.

Teachers and bus drivers in Kansas City area schools are trying something new to improve student behavior and promote bus safety: positive labels. And itís been working Ė name-calling and distractions decrease by more than 50%, kindness and cooperation doubles. Most teachers and bus drivers report a significant increase in job satisfaction. School administrators and transportation directors benefit from a happier staff. Fewer distractions translate to more quality teaching time and safer buses.

"We are delighted to be the first school system in Missouri to pilot the KC3 Positive Label Program," says Kendra Johnson, Associate Superintendent North Kansas City Schools. "This program provides an opportunity for teachers, counselors, bus drivers, administrators and staff to participate in a structured program to increase positive interactions with students." The schools participating in the program are Winnwood, West Englewood, Gracemor, and Chouteau.

"Fewer name-calling distractions allow drivers to focus on driving, providing a safer ride for students," explains Shirley Patrick, Assistant Director of Transportation. Patrick continues, "The KC3 program brings positive continuity between bus and classroom, helping us move forward with a common goal."

"We are excited because not only will the program help with bus behavior, but it should help school-wide. With increased kindness and cooperation, more time can be devoted to instruction," says Sara Cocolis, Principal, Winnwood Elementary. "Itís a nice fit with our BIST management program, our focus on character education and life skills."

The KC3 Positive Label Program, created by Margaret Ross and offered through the Kamaron Institute, is designed to teach children that words are powerful tools that can have either a positive or negative effect. KC3 stands for Kamaron Concept Three, which states, "Labels Changes Lives," and is the program motto. The heart of the program centers on the first of Rossís three "Casey" books, "Casey and the Amazing, Giant, Green Shirt".

"Itís a positive process," explains Kamaron Institute President, Margaret Ross. "Pre-surveys are conducted to establish baseline behaviors. During the six week certification process, school staff and drivers conduct a minimum of three activities a week using the program tools and training. Post-survey measures behavior change. Monthly booster activities support behavior change," adds Ross.

The KC3 Positive Label Program is an official character education resource of the National Museum of Patriotism. For more information visit Kamaron.org (www.kamaron.org).

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