For the Top 8 Ivy League Colleges, the Average Acceptance Rate is Just 12.4%. How Can you Beat the Odds?

June 17, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Springfield, MI – There is a reason that most colleges require an admissions letter, essay or personal statement as a mandatory part of your application package. It is compared directly to other students who have similar grades, attributes and SAT scores. Your admissions letter could be the single most important document in your application package. When the college admissions office reviews your application, they spend more than 1/3 of their time reviewing your personal statement. You better make it count.

After researching the top 8 Ivy League schools in the United States we found some interesting facts about admission acceptance rates. Brown is 13.8%, Columbia is 9.6, Harvard is 9.3%, Penn State is 17.7%, Cornell is 24.7%, Dartmouth is 15.4%, Yale is 8.6% and Princeton’s acceptance rate is 10.2%. Of these eight post secondary institutions, the average acceptance percentage rate is 12.4%. Considering that the majority of applicants have the same SAT scores, it becomes even more evident how critical a role an admission letter or statement of purpose is in securing enrolment.

Several professors from NYU, Harvard and Yale were asked what they considered red flags when reviewing a personal statement. Some of the professor comments included: the statement is not typed professionally and not well thought out; poor grammar and usage; demonstrates limited knowledge of program; sounds inexperienced or unfocused and unprepared for graduate school; and excessive personal information that is not related to the desired area of study are all considered warning signs by some of the top educational institutions in the country.

A college essay, admission letter or statement of purpose is the only chance students have to stand out from the crowd – and truly showcase accomplishments, life experiences and other uniquely personal attributes. It is also the only part of a college application package where an applicant can be themselves and truly shine.

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