Enjoy Goji Juice - New Site Launch

June 19, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
San Diego, CA (PRLEAP) — A new website for FreeLife Himalayan Goji Juice was launched today by Enjoy Goji Juice a leading United States distributor.

"It's a user-centric design" said Shawn Burke, Enjoy Goji Juice webmaster, "because we relied heavily on user feedback with regard to layout and content. The design came together as a result of months of analysis, research and feedback. We owe it all to our customers."

The new design is simple yet the layout, content and images are used to enhance conversion, Burke said. "We wanted to present the product and message in a way that was simple yet powerful. We tailored the content based upon past user behavior and feedback. By researching what others users found to be important we were able to tell the story of Goji Juice, but in a way that would not only appeal to new users but also lead them to purchase."

The new website can be viewed and ordered from online at http://www.enjoygojijuice.com

The Enjoy Goji Juice web site also provides detailed information about Dr. Earl Mindell the pioneer behind Himalayan Goji Juice.

Enjoy Goji Juice is an independent distributor for FreeLife International. FreeLife is a global health and wellness company, helping millions worldwide enjoy well-being. Goji Juice is sold in over 20 countries including Canada and Australia.


Shawn Burke, 1-877-230-7434
Email: contact@enjoygojijuice.com