Yard Sale Database Map www.yardsaledb.com A yard sales listing website that is map-based to provide a visual listing to a specified zipcode.

June 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A new website to target yard sales and garage sales. Households and commnuities that would like to advertise their yard sale or garage sale can use the website to post their listings. People trying to find sales can search via zipcode to see all the yard sales near and around their neighborhood. The uniqueness is that it is a visually based listing service. The service is completely free of charge and shows minimal ads. Website is at www.yardsaledb.com

The website provides users a unique experience in finding yard sales. Currently there are few websites that are dedicated to the listings of yard sales. For those few websites, the listing is the traditional text based listing. Yard Sale Database stands out ot be the only one where it is map-based so that consumers can quickly and easily identify sales in their area. Each sale is marked by a marker, expandable into a ballon which will show the details of the sale such as date, time, description and location.

The website, www.yardsaledb.com, also provides the users a change to update or remove their listings with a special posting ID that is emailed to them upon creation of the sales post.

The niche of the website is that it is visual-based listing, taking classified listings of yardsales into a new standard. Please visit at www.yardsaledb.com