G&G launches 'Essential Food' - the world's first, certified organic dietary supplement formula containing all key nutrients

January 31, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
The Oscar-winning movie, "The Gladiator" is still very much etched on the public consciousness. Russell Crowe's bravura exploits captured many people's imagination and renewed interest in that ancient era. But few people know that the key dietary factor in the lives of gladiators and Roman soldiers generally was, in fact, barley. Indeed the Roman gladiators were known as 'Hordearaii' which literally translates to 'barley men'. With a balanced protein yield and many nutrients, barley has sustained man around the world for centuries, from Tibet to Syria. But in the 20th century with the advent of processed foods, for some reason, it dropped away from the Western diet and was relegated to the animal feed of choice for many farming concerns. Now a new, revolutionary medium of this ancient grain is about to change all that.

Pre-Sprouted Barley is a new, patented form of the barley grain that was recently developed in Scandinavia. The creation of Pre-Sprouted Barley involves a process that captures all the nutrient generation and enzymal activity of the seed just before it is about to sprout. The grain, which is organic, is then stone ground to form a powder that yields no less than 16 vitamins and minerals, 20 amino acids, numerous enzymes including Super Oxide Dismutase, known as the @anti-ageing enzyme', and both Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. Tests have shown this form of barley generates 400% more energy than the normal grain. UK-based company, G&G, has now taken this remarkable foodstuff and used it as the foundation for its new product, Essential Food.

Essential Food is the first, certified organic dietary supplement formula anywhere and contains all key nutrients. With a low calorie count but strong protein content, Essential Food is also equally suitable for the active or those on diets. G&G, a company which has worked in the field of nutrition for nearly 40 years, has combined Essential Food's Pre-Sprouted Barley content with other organic ingredients that include flaxseed, bilberry, turmeric, barley grass, ginkgo biloba, carrot and apple, as well as naturally harvested kelp and spirulina.

"When Pre-Sprouted Barley is ingested, its soluble fibre becomes gelatinous," says brand manager Noel Nile. "This forms a carrier medium for all the other nutrients as they move down the intestinal tract and ensures a stable, staggered release of content. However, so many of the enzymes support the body’s use of oxygen that you'll also notice a boost to your metabolism in very short order."

With no allergy potential and a consistency that allows it to be mixed with any liquid, Essential Food offers health benefits to people of all ages and physiology. From Ancient Rome to the 21st century is a long time, but nature always offers us lessons. Barley has been part of man’s progress for aeons and perhaps this new medium will re-ignite its use in Western diets.

We can't guarantee you'll be able to take on tigers," says Nile, "but you will feel the difference literally within fifteen minutes." Essential Food will be available from health food shops and independent pharmacies across the UK.

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