Tritone: Expands K-12 Music Educational Offering

June 22, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
ritone: Expands K-12 Music Educational Offering

Tritone, a division of Great West Music (1987) Ltd. located in Burnaby, British Columbia is a music education innovator and provider of music education services, curriculums and applied music technology. The company announces the release of a new web site and revised K-12 music education courses.

Today TRITONEMUSIC.COM released it’s new web site,
and phase one of ”Tritone Music Academy” (TMA) in time for the 2006 school year. “Pop Keyboard Course” is the initial introduction and will be followed shortly by our “Junior Music Course”; both are as a result of extensive research and development that spans over 20 years.

Tritone is now responding to an increased demand from schools and districts by addressing an important need in contemporary music education. Now, after many years of success in the commercial education field, and 3 revised editions insuring the highest of standards, is now available for general use. These courses have certainly proven their worthiness and demonstrated a long lasting popularity that is unique in the world of keyboard courses.

Great West Music / Tritone began work on the project with the goal being to design innovative and popular keyboard methods that would offer a more enjoyable alternative to traditional curriculums. Currently established internationally in commercial music education centers and tested in a number of public school systems is endorsed by some leading post secondary institutions attesting to the quality that TMA has achieved. Tritone believes the new release for general use will be a benefit to schools looking for innovative content to inspire teachers and students.

“Pop Keyboard Program" consists of five course books, Introduction through Program 4, with supporting materials, theory and activity books, detailed teachers guides and general midi arranger software. The Pop Keyboard curriculum supports K-12 learning outcomes, integrating modern keyboarding methods by supporting education with applications where technology is taking us.

No other keyboard program has guides that are as thorough and useful to the teacher then those available to the TMA music teacher. The guides, available in a convenient CD format, include everything from detailed lesson plans to parent handouts and supplementary worksheets. They have been developed and tested by experienced music teachers so that they are realistic and practical, intended solely for the purpose of making the teachers’ job easier and the students experience more enjoyable. This important feature of the course will make all teachers, regardless of experience, a more effective and successful teacher.

Training seminars can be scheduled to help schools understand the program and modern teaching methods, and provide insight by developing new teaching skills for music education and technology.

Tritone products are addressing not only the music educational component that meets state educational standards but also offers additional courses providing interactive online instruction, web based real time performance evaluation and data tracking in a managed learning environment.

Tritone Music Academy is published and distributed by Hal Leonard Publishing Co. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Garnett MacMullin
President / CEO