Boston’s Scientology Volunteer Ministers Expand Their Services

June 22, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Boston Scientology Volunteer Ministry []has moved to new, larger quarters at 1783 Washington Street in Boston — the Ministry specializes in literacy and non-violence programs. Local community leaders and representatives from the police department attended the grand opening of the new center.

Latoya William s is a young woman who has been receiving tutoring at the Ministry. She shared her story. "I feel I’ve improved so much," she said. "My confidence has gone up and I’m just so proud of myself."

An immigrant from Jamaica, Latoya was falsely labeled with a learning disability at an early age. It wasn’t until she came to the Boston Scientology Volunteer Ministry and participated in the Ministry’s Reading and Study Skills program [ ]that the real reason for her problem was found.

What her tutor discovered was that although English is the official language of Jamaica, what Latoya spoke as a child was not the English spoken in the United States, but a very different dialect with pronunciations and words borrowed from non-English sources. What her teachers thought was a "disorder" actually stemmed from Latoya not understanding what they were saying. The problem resolved with the proper application of phonics, as well as study technology, developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

Latoya’s tutor, Ksenia Castagna, is a trained Scientology Volunteer Minister[]. "Volunteering has been a wonderful experience for me," says Ksenia. "Latoya is a joy to work with and she has become such a good friend."

Latoya has come to enjoy reading, something she used to dread. And her raised reading scores attest to the change. In fact her school teachers, seeing how much she has progressed, urged her to continue with the program.

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