First time in the industry – 100 % organic cotton lace

June 24, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Robert Seneker, CEO of Eurolaces, explained that the apparel industry, along with other textile industries have been waiting for a product such as his to enter the market. “We have been researching a method of production to be able to supply organics to manufacturers for over a year. We have overcome every stumbling block to produce our lace with no chemicals, or toxins in the production from start to finish. We believe the people want fewer chemicals in their bedding, clothing, and in their lives, we aim to help provide this, without compromising beauty or quality.”

When Eurolaces was approached to begin production of the first available 100% certified organic cotton laces, they started from the ground up. One whole room of their production facility was designated strictly for organic production and cleaned of any unnatural fibers or chemically produced materials. This enables them to control the environment and assure that the laces would be free of chemical residues or toxins that may be present in polyester production. They then perfected a way to produce the organic cotton laces with out tearing the thread, a problem for industry almost from day one. The laces are sewn onto a cellulose backing, which later needs to be removed. In polyester production, this is chemically melted away; however, Eurolaces developed its own machine that uses nothing but hot water to melt away the backing.

Eurolaces have been successfully producing polyester laces in Slovenia, Europe for over 40 years, and welcomed the idea and challenge of producing organic cotton laces. Slovenia is a small country located next to Italy and just under Austria, with some of the best organic farms today. They believe strongly in the efforts to save the environment, and use fewer pollutants in their production of textiles, crops, and more.

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