Indian Real Estate - Difference between Earthquake Resistant and Earthquake Proof Buildings

June 26, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Many would consider “Earthquake Resistant” and “Earthquake Proof” to mean the same, however there exists a vast difference as for the level of protection offered.

Today many people the world over are demanding a much higher earthquake protection level than what is offered by the mandatory building codes. This trend is expected to make inroads into India in line with the international markets.

Immediate occupancy after a major earthquake is the criteria for building design which is being demanded today and this implies minimum or insignificant structural damage to the building.

Architects and Structural Engineers presently follow the Indian Seismic Code, IS-1893 (2002) to design "Earthquake Resistant" buildings. This design philosophy is based on the life-safety concept which implies that the structural designer endeavors to prevent a "Total Building Collapse" in an event of a major earthquake thereby saving lives.

However the buildings will sustain structural damage and if the damage is more than a threshold level then the owners would have no option but to demolish and reconstruct their structure.

By using Earthquake Dampers the building codes can be bettered so as to achieve No or Insignificant damage even during a major earthquake i.e. Earthquake Proof design.

Some of the benefits that the client accrue from the use of this technology are, reduced insurance premiums, easier access to banking loans and project finance, greater business opportunities especially where clients are much concerned with 24X7 operations.

Buildings using Earthquake Dampers can have a performance enhancement of upto 400% higher than conventional structures under seismic conditions, in other words the building becomes 400% stronger or will perform 400% better when an earthquake strikes.

Earthquake dampers come with a 35 years performance warranty. The associated cost is approx Rs.250 to Rs.350 per square foot. With the property market booming in India and the economy growing at a phenominal pace it is felt that the Earthquake Proof Technology will soon make inroads into the Country.