GoQuo Sponsors TRAVELtech Australia: Asia Pacific’s leading online marketing and distribution conference

June 26, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Aiming to play a major role in the Asia Pacific region, GoQuo sponsors Traveltech Australia 2006 - the region’s leading online distribution conference.

Although it is one of the newest international technology shows, TRAVELtech Australia is the main event where dominant travel players converge in the region.

For GoQuo, participating in TRAVELtech Australia 2006 is a conscious, deliberate and strategic move as GoQuo seeks to expand into new markets and build its portfolio of international clients.

Anderson Dy, GoQuo’s Head of Sales and Marketing, predicts that intern-continental and inter-regional passenger traffic and tourism in that region will expand exponentially over the next two decades. Using the extensive market research conducted by GoQuo to analyse the trends, patterns and movements in the travel industry, Anderson Dy argues: “We simply cannot ignore the critical developments that are happening in the Asia-Pacific region (A-Pr). Buckling under international competitive pressures, more countries in the region have begun adopting progressively liberal policies in regard to passenger travel, opening previously closed markets to open competition. The dramatic increase of global trade with China is providing further impetus to this transformation. As travel restrictions in China are lifted and as more wealth is created in China due to the remarkable increase in foreign direct investments into the country, a rising number of Chinese have begun spending their new found wealth in travel. Technology not only has to be engineered to accommodate the massive number of potential travellers but also technology has to be flexible and innovative enough to accommodate the new and specific demands of the Chinese and of the Asia-Pacific travel company or traveller. As GoQuo’s bespoke products have been engineered to an extremely high level of sophistication and flexibility, we are not afraid to respond to this challenge.”

The passenger traffic is not contained within the region as the region’s exotic sites and offers continually temp travellers from across the globe. Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore have consistently topped polls for long-haul destinations among travellers. Cosmopolitan cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Taipei and Seoul, the off-beaten-track cities like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Vientienne, Phnom Penh and Chang Mai and Oz-NZ favourites like Sydney, Melbourne, Wellington and Auckland are all set to be the next travel hotspots of the coming decade.

GoQuo’s Managing Director, Ron Ramanan points out: “Although the region has suffered a set back in the past 3 years due the international issues like terrorism and the avian flu, the region is making a spectacular comeback. With a cumulative regional population surpassing 1.8 billion, the importance of this market cannot be denied. And with the recently liberalised ‘skies’ spurring a dramatic growth in regional carriers, the region is considered the most dynamic and most competitive in the world. We need to be there to capitalise on these developments and provide the necessary technology solutions to this emerging market.”

With a theme of Power to the People, TRAVELtech Australia 2006 will be held in Sydney on the 22nd of August. For more information, please access:

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