Mexico to Canada on foot - 2650 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail

June 29, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
The Pacific Crest Trail is an astoundingly picturesque and diverse foot trail that stretches the length of America from Mexico to Canada.

In this increasingly safety legislated and sedentary world it is also an excellent opportunity to escape the everyday 'normality' of life, allowing those of us that are adventurous enough to experience those most basic of human needs, challenge and survival.

The recently published, "Dances With Marmots" ISBN:1411656180 is the account of one man's experiences along the trail. The journey which takes the author five months, is made through the desert areas and snowbound High Sierra Nevada of California and the Cascade ranges of Oregon and Washington, finally emerging in the Okanogan Forest of British Columbia, Canada.

It traverses 40 Wilderness areas, 24 National Forests, 7 National Parks, 3 State Parks, 19 major canyons and climbs 57 mountain passes, providing an insight into the mind of a long distance hiker and an often humorous look at the US and its wilderness through the eyes of a New Zealander. The book is published through Lulu Press.
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