Founder of Connecticut Web Design and E-Marketing firm explains the importance of fair pricing and good morals in business.

June 29, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
www.Movement began as a website design and development firm serving primarily, Connecticut clients. Our goal was to gain as much experience in the shortest amount of time, so that we could provide advanced web design, with a low overall cost to our clients. So far so good! With over 8 years experience, and a reduced hourly rate we achieved this very early on. Now, with extensive experience in website design, we can work quickly at a low hourly rate, thus lowering the cost of our clients' projects. R

Early on, we realized that one of the main reasons why companies, as well as individuals, shy away from having a website developed. Is because so many web design and E-Marketing firms make their services available at a high hourly rate. We also noticed, that there are so many businesses out there that could benefit greatly from an advanced website desig, or, having their current website, re-designed. We've done our best to keep our costs low. When you're experienced and work fast with a highly competitive hourly rate, you don't have to hesitate when providing an estimate. As many firms know, firing off that email, when it feels like the estimate is a little high, can be very nerve racking. But it doesn't have to be!

Let's face it! Most people that are seeking a website designer or E-Marketing firm to boost business, are not looking to pay several thousands of dollars to establish a strong web presence. They are often blown away when they finally receive that "magical number". Magical in a sense that - Your potential client will either become a loyal and valued customer by the click of a mouse, or they could simply vanish into cyberspace as quicky as they appeared.

Focus on making your client's feel comfortable, and most often they will.

As a web design firm based out of Connecticut, we understand that running a business and trying to stay competitive can be quite difficult. But, if your client's feel as though they are getting a bargain for a top-notch website, they will stick around. They will come to you for advice, ideas, and as technology develops, they'll want your help in advancing their online presence. Building a strong relationship with your client's is extremely important in this business. Your portfolio will grow and so will the comfort level of your clients. As your portfolio grows, so will your exposure! And if you are good to your clients, they will be good to you. They will talk to their peers, customers and business partners about the great services you offer and recommend your web design and E-marketing services to those within in their network. If you really want keep them talking, offer a referral incentive, so that even your customers benefit from marketing your services.

If you feel like you are striking out with your proposals, consider reducIng your web design fees, it may just be the key to improving your business.

Remember that word-of-mouth is a powerful thing, so do your very best to make a positive, lasting impression, that your client's will talk about with a smile on their face.

In closing, I recommend, that you always have good intentions. Good business, is smart business in my opinion. Consumers can smell a rat a mile away. Hidden fees, and dishonest business practices are simply unnecessary. You can build strong business based on good morals.

We know this for a fact, and so our my clients.

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