Cosmetic and Laser Dentist Dr. Burchman, to star in reality TV series, that will air on a local Philadelphia TV Station. Dr. Burchman to give away FREE Denatl work and makeovers.

June 29, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Local Bucks County, PA Cosmetic Dentist to star in his own Reality TV show.

Cosmetic and Laser Dentist Dr. Mel Burchman, will star in his very own reality TV series, "Dr. High Tech TV Featuring Dr. Burchman" that will air thirteen original episodes on a local TV Station that will broadcast an entertaining and captivating Cosmetic Dentistry TV show into homes located within the Philadelphia, Bucks County, New Jersey and Delaware viewing regions.

Dr. Burchman has practiced in Bucks County for over thirty years. Many have come to know him from his TV commercials as Dr. High Tech and by his trademark slogans Nobody cries in my office and "Laser Dentistry."

Production for "Dr. High Tech TV" will begin July 2006 and will take place on location at Dr. Burchman's office 712-A Trenton Road in Langhorne, PA and at various locations throughout the area.

In an effort to give back to the community, we are seeking individuals to partake in the

production of Dr. Burchman's Reality TV Show and offering chosen participants free dental work / makeovers, especially individuals who —may have dental fears which holds that individual back from proper dental care, —persons who are financially unable or do not posses dental insurance for themselves or their children and are in much need of dental work, —persons with misaligned, broken or missing teeth, —anyone who may be self conscious and has held themselves back socially because of their imperfect smile soldiers who have returned from Iraq. This offer is open to the general public of any ages and all ethnicities.

To be considered for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, candidates must mail or email a current picture of their (mouth) and a brief story background. All entries must be received by July 21, 2006 to be considered for this program:

Mail entries to:


c/o Dr. High Tech TV

P.O. Box 63065

Philadelphia, PA 19114


Email entries to:

Dr. Burchman has moved dentistry out of the current years [The Flintstones] with the use of six lasers and many other High Tech dental procedures and into an ultra modern experience [The Jetsons]. I love to see people smile, both when they come and leave my office, smiles Dr. Burchman.

In a time where dental insurance may not be an option for some, or someone who has recently been laid off and can not afford to have dental work done, I want to give people hope and want them to be able to smile, states Dr. Burchman. Growing up in a hard working lower middle income family, I realize how difficult it is to keep up with the rising costs of a family, as my mother wore the same winter coat for years and we had five people living in a one bedroom apartment in the Bronx, remembers Dr. Burchman. I sympathize with families where both parents are working and dont have dental insurance, says Dr. Burchman.

Don't delay, act now! Send in your pictures and stories now to be considered for FREE-OF-CHARGE DENTAL WORK / MAKEOVER. Be on TV, maybe even a TV star. All entries must be received by July 21, 2006 to be considered for this program. NO PHONE CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED CONCERNING THIS OFFER! PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT DR. BURCHMAN OR HIS OFFICE DIRECTLY!

Additional Information

-Dr. Burchman has done thousands of laser procedures in the last ten years. He has a "Laser Mastership" in Nd:YAG lasers and is Laser Educator, one of only sixty doctors Worldwide, from the Academy of Laser Dentistry. He also has Standard Certification in Diode, Er:YAG, Er,CR:YSGG lasers. Dr. Burchman also teaches and gives lectures on Laser Dentistry and has six lasers in his office. Dr. Burchman was also chosen and featured in "Men's Health Magazine" (March 2002) with a full article and write up. In 2003 he received the Clinical Laser Science Award from the ALD Israeli Chapter for presentation on Lasers in the treatment of the medically compromised patient.

-Mail, pictures and stories will not be returned. Please send a copy if you would like to retain your originals.

-All decisions on candidates participating in this program are solely those of Dr. Burchman.

-Candidates must sign a waiver for their image and likeness to appear on the reality Television show and any promotional items in concerns to print, internet, etc… Candidates must appear for appointments and cooperate with the doctor when assigned and follow all recommendations of the doctor for proper treatment and healing. Candidates must cooperate with our production team so that the best results can be obtained for each person participating.

-Missing any of the appointments arranged by the doctors office, may and will jeopardize your participation with this Reality TV Show.



Dr. High Tech TV featuring Dr. Burchman is currently looking for cross-promotional partners for his Reality TV Series that begins production July 2006 and to air on broadcast TV locally in early 2007. Does your TV station (or a show that airs on your station), Radio Station (Show), Newspaper, Internet Website, need a great gimmick or promotional prize giveaway? Giveaway a FREE COSMETIC DENTAL MAKEOVER!

All costs associated with your giveaway are covered free-of-charge compliments of Dr. High Tech TV and Dr. Burchman in exchange for promotional ads with your company to promote the broadcast of this local Reality TV Show "Dr. High Tech featuring Dr. Burchman!"

This is a great way to give back to your listeners / consumers. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some and your candidate will also appear on Dr. High Tech TV featuring Dr. Burchman. Not only does your winner appear on TV but so will your TV, Radio, Newspaper or Internet site to coincide with your segment! How can this cross promotional opportunity get any better? We will also run a commercial spot every week promoting your business on our TV show. By participating in this great giveaway, you and your participant will have priority access to Dr. Burchman after all work has been completed on your participant, which will make a great segment or story for your outlet.

In consideration and exchange for this great prize giveaway (FREE COSMETIC DENTAL MAKEOVER), we ask for promotional ads with your company to promote our local Reality TV Show "Dr. High Tech featuring Dr. Burchman".

This offer is on a first come, first serve basis. If your would like to cross promote with our TV show please respond ASAP by calling Steve O'Neill on "the hotline" @ 267-760-3497 or by emailing