For the World to Bear Witness against Itself

June 29, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
LINCOLN, Neb. – In her new collection of poetry, Unveiled Quantum Of Dominion (now available through AuthorHouse), Kimberly Tork covers a wide variety of themes and presents her views on many issues.
“The title of the book mirrors both the themes and their relationship to the poetry therein,” says Tork. “It is
poetry borne from the chosen mind and from the unfailing roots of the earth.”
Her verses are also inspired by the time-space continuum and how its existence affects every living thing.
“There is no complete and perpetual truth in poetry and the title reflects that,” she says. Throughout this unusual
and insightful volume, Tork reveals many of the issues she feels are in dire need of discussion. Many of the poems in Unveiled Quantum Of Dominion are dedicated to what the author describes as “the many sides and issues surrounding, being and relating to women.”
From hatred and its consequences to feminism in both its old and modern forms, plenty of ink is devoted within these pages to the trials and triumphs of the fairer sex, but Unveiled Quantum Of Dominion is not solely a women’s devotional. Tork also covers issues such as war, infinite loss, martyrdom and betrayal, and she does it all by showcasing the best of and worst of common – and uncommon – life.
The following excerpt from “Fallen Moonlight” illustrates her style:

A skinless destitute/ I’ve inculcated myself to reap,/ All windows consign/ All windows thieve/ A glowing infernal nightmare,/ I’ve stepped on a divine crest of fate/ This reproach of moonlight,/ I must ensnarl this bane/ If your soul was thee one/ I must contrive,/ You would thrash it in my arms of mutinous war/ With so much furor and poise,/ Branding your appetite

“Though my verse may seem pessimistic at times, most of the poetry is meant to send a softer message, providing safety and understanding to the harder issues thus addressed,” she says. “My poetry literally pleads to its readers to find the light sprinkled throughout a burdensome darkness that I hope will make a real and lasting impression.”
Tork was born in Kearney, Neb., in 1981. She began writing poetry in elementary school and was continually urged to hone her talents by teachers and peers alike. She has continued to do so with the passing of each year. Now 24, she has realized a writing milestone with the publication of Unveiled Quantum Of Dominion, her first book. ###