Catriona Ryan, Managing Director of Digital Video Interview Services speaks and exhibits at EREC Conference 2006

June 29, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Since its launch in March 2006 DVI has gone from strength to strength, changing the face of the recruitment market as we know it. The web based application is being used by many of the leading recruitment companies in the UK, one of which is the technology firm Penta Consulting who are exhibiting alongside DVI at EREC.

DVI gives the recruiter the opportunity to see, hear and critique recorded video clips of potential candidates answering questions as if they were conducting the interview themselves. Timesaving for recruiters is a key factor and apart from saving on costs and valuable resources DVI’s can be viewed on the move and from anywhere in the world.

Catriona Ryan said “Research has shown that an employer makes up their mind about a candidate in the first few minutes of an interview. Video interviews common practice in America will now help UK employers faced with hundreds of applications to make a decision more quickly”.

DVI has also revolutionized the way candidates market themselves to potential employers. No longer is just a plain CV enough, much like the sought after MBA one needs not only a CV but a CV PLUS a Digital Video Interview. For the candidate trying to secure a position through adverts or recruiters, one should treat getting a personalised DVI as a marketing exercise. If you are serious about achieving your potential, building your personal brand and standing out from the crowd than let DVI help you.

DVI is holding a competition during the EREC Conference to find out the ‘most bizarre interview questions’ ever asked. The winner of the question voted the ‘most bizarre’ each day will receive a prize along with an interview session at one of our three studios in the UK and their very own personalised DVI web page to use to promote themselves to prospective employers.

“Video interviewing gives the candidate a chance to make a great first impression before even being called for an interview. Video interviews are becoming the new hidden weapon for job seekers especially those candidates that sparkle in real life but not on paper” says Catriona Ryan.

Interested in finding out more about DVI, the future of recruitment and how it can help you than come hear Catriona speak in the conference room on the 22nd at 2pm or visit stand (B32).

20th June 2006