ONE 2 PROTECT: EagleEyeOSTM One 2.0 now available on the market Contrary to Gartner’s claims, companies and users do NOT have to give up Skype

June 29, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
EagleEyeOS One portfolio (One Free and One Plus) has been extended with a new product. The new One has all the features of its predecessors, and has borrowed much from the large-company version. Its Quarantine function offers the option of outward data flow from folders or drivers containing “sensitive” documents; moreover, it can be specified via which application a file shall be accessible. The US-patented Zone function of One Xtend enables, at the click of the mouse, the creation of a security zone extending over the entire computer, blocking the access of externally logged-on computers – computers not otherwise belonging to the protected zone. Another novelty is the log filter which adds a user-friendly touch, and it enables the user to preset the operations to be included or omitted from the logs.

Also, the software in the EagleEyeOS One portfolio addresses a special, recently much-debated problem. A few weeks ago, developer of Skpe announced they had discovered a security problem in the software which enables anyone – even out of malicious intent – to send files to the computer of another Skype user without the knowledge and/or permission of that user. Gartner’s suggestion was that a company that was worried about this should simply give up the use of VOIP, and Skype in particular.

“Companies and users don’t have to give up using Skype and its economic advantages at all. The new folder protection function of EagleEyeOS One bans programmes that enable the leakage of information without the knowledge of the user from accessing “sensitive” documents or folders. It enables the user to specify which contents the computer’s VOIP software, such as Skype, has access to,” Csaba Csabai, the company’s product development director announced.

EagleEyeOS One is simple to install, it requires no IT knowledge, and offers instant and cheap document protection for small networks and PCs. “Further evidence of the reliability of the product line is the fact that is has ‘Designed for Microsoft Windows XP’ classification,” Csabai added.

Further information: Gartner:;jsessionid=R2DXIBPLL3VISQSNDBCSKH0CJUMEKJVN?articleID=188700422

About EagleEyeOS:
EagleEyeOS Llc. provides professional services and handles all commercial activities related to the EagleEyeOS product family. The development of the product is being continued since 2002. The goal was the development of software to solve the widening problems of large corporations, of medium and small-sized companies experiencing loss of data.

In the last few years companies have been protecting their systems mainly using safety solutions against external threats. In the meantime, the risk to safety has been shifting: the main danger now lies within the confines of the company.

While EagleEyeOS gives effective protection to confidential document, it will not compromise the work on other, non-sensitive ones, nor does EagleEyeOS increase management overheads of the network. EagleEyeOS is a security solution system against information leakage and data theft - provides powerful and flexible solutions to implement IT Security Policies within organizations.

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