SEOMatrix Announces the Release of it’s Pay Per Click ROI Calculator

June 29, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
New Haven, CT, SEOMatrix LLC releases a proprietary web based tool which with the input of a companies Pay Per Click advertising campaign information, such as: Per Click Cost, Total Number of Clicks, Conversion Rate, and Average Buyer Purchase, will then produce Total Campaign Cost, Number of Responders, Total Buyers, Revenue, Return on Investment, and Profit. This tool comes as a valuable part of any Pay per Click Advertisers arsenal. Not only does it report the effectiveness of a pay per click campaign, but it also will help you with long term data to record trends that you may otherwise neglect to notice.

Thomas Dubee, Senior Optimization Strategist says, “If you are a business owner, or marketing director of any internet based business, knowing the Return on Investment for your Pay per Click Campaign is important in order to get a good grasp of whether or not the investment is worthwhile.” Thomas then adds, “If your average profit per product is five dollars, you would have to sell one hundred of them just to break even on a five hundred dollar pay per click campaign, and in addition, if you have an ROI that is below your target, you can do little tweaks to increase it, such as changing your Pay per Click advertisement text itself.”
Thomas makes a very good point, the ROI is the bottom line or litmus test not only for the market which you are in, but also the campaign you are running; several little details can greatly affect your ROI. Getting traffic to your site is useless if you are unable to convert them to a sale, and report that data.

The SEOMatrix Pay per Click Return on Investment Web Based Tool will meet or exceed all of your Pay per Click Campaign Profit monitoring needs, and is given as a free service by SEOMatrix LLC.
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Erick Zegeer
SEOMatrix Public Relations