Financial Education: Teach your child how to build wealth and retire young!

June 30, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Atlanta, GA June 30, 2006 Ė Success Prep announces immediate availability of a helpful new financial program for your child at, starting in June, 2006. Richkid 101 is aimed at educating a new generation of kids, teaching them the power of money and helping them to be skilled managers of it.

Money and the subject of how to manage it is something most individuals donít pay attention to until they are out of college and into the real world. What we donít understand is that by then, most individuals would have had many years of education that teaches the false security of a job and has trained us to seek out a salary as our financial security. Most academic business classes both on the undergraduate and graduate level develop only an employee mentality and say you should take your God-given talent and work hard at minding someone elses business. Well if you want to give your child a different set of options that will ensure financial independence at a time when the concept of job security doesnít even exist for your generation; you may want to take a look at Richkid 101.

Success Prep CEO, Olu Sanya says the current education systems is teaching students nothing about financial education and the freedom that comes from knowing how to make money work for you and not otherwise. Society for the most part encourages us to acquire liabilities not assets and actually most adults canít tell the difference between both. Richkid 101 is a 4 week program customized for a middle or high school classroom, a youth program at your local church or any group of young people. Success Prep desires to improve the middle to high school studentsí appreciation for good money habits at a young age while having lots of fun doing it!

Let us help you teach your child how to build wealth and retire young! More on Richkid 101 can be found at

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