Take classes with you anywhere and anytime

July 05, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Technology has already reshaped the entire world. There is a new group of people who are working at anywhere but the office. Soon there will be a group people who are learning a new language anywhere but the school.

This is the language learning future that April Zhang, author of Mandarin Express and Chinese Reading and Writing, predicted. Traditionally people go to school and set a year or two free to learn a new language. But nowadays, there are many other options that were not heard of just a couple of years ago. The first major change is mp3 player vastly available now. This trend triggered audio lessons, podcasting lessons vast available on line. Lots of sites give lessons for free, in exchange, they get their users to click on Google ads. Currently the free lessons are not as sophisticated as paid lessons.

The second change is happening, according to April Zhang, that people not only can listen to their lessons, but also can watch them. MSL Learning Center pioneered education industry in creating a full range of online lessons to teach people reading and writing Chinese. Before, it was hard to do. Now technology has made it easy. People get to the internet, and get to the lessons. Different from audio lessons and podcasting which only focus on spoken language, this new reading and writing module also focuses on the very essence of Chinese language, characters.

“It’s really fun to create these online lessons,” Zhang said, “I hope people will have great fun watching them and learning from them.”

Chinese reading and writing lessons online