Unveiling An Unprecedented Change In Lighting For Retail Stores

July 07, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Reminiscent of the launch of fluorescent, halogen and LED light sources, LEC technology will change the definition of lighting and advertising in retail stores. This flat, flexible bendable light bulb, which rolls out like a carpet and has the thickness of a credit card can be tailored into complex shapes and sizes. This makes it possible to apply lighting as it has never been done before: Retailers, will now be able to place lighting and promotional materials anywhere in the store: on the floors, walls, windows, shelves, around columns, suspended from the ceiling and on unconventional objects and surfaces.

“Imagine lighting up the floors or walls of a store with a strobing effect which can change to the beat of music. No other similar lighting technology can duplicate its illumination and quality. This is a unique advertising solution which will capture customers attention as never been done before,” said Mary Ann Milsop, President & CEO of Remco Energy and former retail executive. “Consumers are curious about new trends and that curiosity produces sales and store traffic. Window signs and displays portray an image to the customer of what’s going on inside the store which effects the customer’s decision to enter into the store. Once the customer is inside the store promotional displays and signage is the most potent and powerful salesman.” she noted.

“This technology consumes one third less electricity than fluorescent and generates no heat whatsoever, thereby reducing electric and HVAC costs.” This viable LEC product is the result of enormous research and developmental efforts, which provides the highest quality illumination in the marketplace in terms of brightness, consistency and life. The illumination and quality is the equivalent of HDTV.

This LEC technology comprises an illuminated capacitor structure with phosphors sandwiched between the electrodes. The application of an AC voltage generates a charging field within the phosphors, which causes the phosphors to emit light. The panels are constructed to use printable, paper-thin, polymer film compositions. It is powered by inverters which convert the electrical current, either AC/DC, to the required voltage and frequency to power the bulb.

About Remco Energy:
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