Offshore Software Development Company in India

July 08, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
India has become the great participant in the field of offshore software development for a number of reasons such as the ability of a very large engineering talent pool, an education system that continues to produce large number of engineers, widespread knowledge of English language, promotion by the government, western style judicial system, and law protecting intellectual property. The Indian offshore software development companies have continued to improve their software development process. It is been estimated that 20 Indian company have been assessed at CMM Level 5. It is the highest level one can attain in software process maturity. It is not necessary that offshore development is the right choice for every company.

The process of Binary Semantics for deciding whether to go offshore or not include the following considerations:
• Company’s business strategy: How offshore development can support it.
• Size of effort: The approach to offshore development will vary widely
• Functions and potential candidate projects: Identify project selection criteria for specific to the company and use these criteria to identifying candidate projects.
• Offshore development expertise, bandwidth, and contacts: Management must be able to identify and leverage external resources.
• Investment and Return: Offshore development can generate saving, but during the early stages of the company will have invest to time and money.
• Commitment from top level management: Commitment of the top level is required for the success in offshore development.
• Organizational readiness

About Binary
Binary is an offshore software development company providing various services such as technology, consulting, BPO, data analysis, and so on. It has global operations across USA, Canada, Europe and India and has over 125 satisfied customers.

We have very strong software engineering processes and our operations have been certified as ISO 9001 and Q9001:2000 by American Quality Assessor (AQA) for offshore software development and supporting activities.

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Binary’s best practices for the offshore development are:
• Define specific business objective
• Establish a project select criteria
• Determine the form of the organization
• Select country for best long term fit
• Determine entire cost, not just salaries
• Establish major milestones
• Develop a multi-year financial analysis
• Select a strategy to gain momentum

Binary is committed to provide value to our customers by innovation, accomplishment, trust and long-term relationship through our unique service portfolio and expertise. Binary has a group of highly resilient people and absorb all problems and convert them into meaningful solutions, to meet your business requirements.