Be Part Of Something Big … It All Starts With You And Your Word!

July 10, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Queensland, Australia - July 2006

If you only had one word to describe what you, your business, product, service or organization were all about, which word would you choose?

Would it be the word "Beauty", "Property", "Repairs", "Craft", "Quality", "Innovation", "Integrity", or ___________ (insert a word here)?

If you have not heard of 'word sites' or 'word link advertising' before, then get ready to witness a new phenomenon in online advertising.

The concept is very simple. Too simple actually! You purchase a word relating to your business, product, service or organization from a 'word site', then hyperlink that word to your own website and … presto! You have just instantly "branded" your website with a single, descriptive word.

Several word sites have begun to appear on the Internet recently, with many word link advertisers reporting that they have been getting better traffic to their sites than other paid traffic methods.

One Australian online company, however, has chosen to do things a little differently. In a rare mix of advertising for profit and philanthropy, ( sells word link advertising to online businesses and website owners, then donates a significant portion of all sales towards projects that benefit local communities around the world.

Martin Aranovitch & Lisa Curiel, who run, list several community and humanitarian projects on their website that advertisers can then vote on. Once an advertising campaign is completed (i.e. all words on a website have been sold), up to 30% of the revenue raised from that campaign is then donated towards the project that has received the most votes from its online community of advertisers.

Martin is quick to point out that all moneys are donated to registered organizations such as WorldVision, Relief International, CARE, etc… as they are well-known and have the structure in place to manage the projects and ensure that all moneys donated end up going towards its intended purpose. also offers a range of fully hosted and managed 'theme' word sites for schools, organizations and local communities seeking alternative fundraising methods. Fundraising partners receive 30% of all sales made and donates a further 10% of the sales amount towards one of the global community projects listed on their website.

According to Lisa Curiel, everyone involved benefits from buying a word link or Fundraising campaign from Word link advertisers benefit by gaining increased exposure for their websites, fundraisers have an exciting and profitable way of raising money for good causes, the business provides a valuable service to the local, internet and global community and a generous portion of all money raised is specifically directed to helping save or improve the lives of others.

Although the official launch of is not scheduled until July 20, 2006, several word sites are already live and running, with extremely generous "pre-launch" discounts being offered to new word-link advertisers. Martin is also co-ordinating the launch of several word sites in Brazil, with 30% of the share of the Brazilian 'themed' sites going specifically towards helping a local Brazilian community. More details about can be found on their website and blog, and by subscribing to their newsletter.

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