Positive Radio Exec Linda Mackenzie Recognized As a Great Women of the 21st Century in Radio Broadcasting

July 12, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Manhattan Beach, CA, July 12, 2006…CHSR HealthyLife.Net - All Positive Talk & Music Radio, found at www.healthylife.net, announced today that itís Founder and General Manager, Linda Mackenzie, has received recognition as ABIís Great Women of the 21st Century in Radio Broadcasting.

Well known as a telecom engineer, award-winning author, radio, TV and film personality, Linda is a seasoned mainstay of entrepreneurial spirit. Believing that people wanted positive media alternatives to traditional negative and controversial media, Linda started her 24/7 Internet radio station, HealthyLife.Net in 2002.

ďNegative Media is so unnecessary. All it does is breed fear, which results in a negative impact on people and their lives. Looking at things half full instead of half empty isnít a Pollyanna attitude, itís just a matter of perspective.Ē states Mackenzie, ďMy radio station helps people feel good every day. That gives me great joy and to be recognized for my work is very gratifying.Ē

Since 2002 the stationís listeners have grown from 200+ to over 920,000 in 65 countries - by word of mouth alone. HealthyLife.Netís strong and broad appeal is credited to the diverse and eclectic array of over 40 radio hosts; all well-known and respected personalities, like mind-body medicine Dr. Bernie Siegel, political evolutionary Barbara Marx Hubbard, Golden Globe Winner Sally Kirkland and best selling authors Guy Finley and Lynn Andrews.

But Mackenzie fought a hard road of negativity to get where she is today. Financially depleted from a business partnership, she borrowed $3,000., and then sold her house, where she resided for 31 years, to finance the start-up of her dream.

Being a woman pioneer in Internet radio and getting traditional media to recognize the need for positive programs was no picnic either. Her radio station became a member of NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) where she successfully enhanced media awareness. Seeing success, competitors with deeper pockets jumped on the band wagon vying for her audience, stole her ideas and formats as they tried to emulate her station. Obtaining commercial ads to fund the station is an ongoing challenge since Internet radio provides actual audience counts but advertisers still have the perception of needing 3rd party extrapolated ratings.

Believing in conscious business, without need of competition, Mackenzie met each challenge with perseverance, integrity, ingenuity and a positive attitude. Consequently, her loyal audience stays with her and HealthyLife.Net continues to amass global listeners who want a positive media alternative.

To schedule an interview call (800)555-5453 or email: linda@healthylife.net