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Los Angeles, CA – Christmas 2006 will not be like any other. Baby Tattoo Books is unleashing Chiodo Bros.’ Alien Xmas on August 15.

Chiodo Bros.’ Alien Xmas is the story of X, a thieving alien sent to Earth on a fiendish mission to rob the entire planet. Arriving at the top of the world, X mistakes Santa’s workshop for a weapons-building facility and begins a chain of events that leads to an all-out alien invasion. Can Santa and his top elf save Christmas and the human race? Can an army of evil aliens learn that it is better to give than to steal? Has there ever been a sci-fi, Christmas comedy of such epic proportions unleashed upon the public?

Chiodo Bros.’ Alien Xmas is a mix of traditional Christmas iconography and classic sci-fi imagery by renowned filmmakers and creature shop specialists, the Chiodo Bros.

Title: Chiodo Bros.’ Alien Xmas
Author: Stephen Chiodo, Jim Strain
Illustrator: Charles Chiodo
ISBN: 0972938842
Language: English
Publisher: Baby Tattoo Books
Pages: 40 pages
Retail: US$17.95
Release: August 15, 2006
Availability / Distribution: Available wherever books are sold

To receive a final copy of the book or to discuss an excerpt, article or interview possibilities, contact Tracie Tucker at 310.857.6970 or

“Chiodo Bros’ Alien Xmas is a charming and delightful holiday yarn for those who love elves, aliens and off-kilter fun. You should definitely open THIS gift BEFORE Christmas.”
-Ray Bradbury

“Alien Xmas is a real treat. Given all the challenges Santa has faced over the years from foggy Christmas Eves to shaggy green monsters, it’s about time someone brought him into the 21st century! We were charmed by the illustrations that are so jam-packed with wonderfully fun and silly detail – who know you could use a Jack-in-Box like that? As for the Aliens, well we’ve seen our share of interstellar evildoers in the past, but the Klepts in this story make the Borg look like amateurs. By the time we had laughed our way through the book, we knew it was destined to become a new Christmas classic. We can’t imagine a child who won’t be swept up by this story, or an adult who won’t be delighted to share it. Two candy canes up for keeping the spirit of Christmas alive!”
-Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Co-Producers, “Star Trek: Enterprise”

THE CHIODO BROTHERS (Charles, Stephen and Edward) are respected filmmakers who created the cult classic “Killer Klowns from Outer Space”. Their animation and FX credits include “Team America: World Police”, “Elf” and “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure”.
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STEPHEN CHIODO is co-chairman and head of creative production for Chiodo Bros. Productions. Depending on the project, he may serve as writer, director, and/or producer for the company. Stephen began his career by winning Best Young Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1976 while still a film student at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. Since then, he has worked with such noted filmmakers as Tim Burton, Francis Ford Coppola, John Landis, Joe Dante and Sam Raimi as an effects artist and animator. In addition to directing and co-writing “Killer Klowns”, Stephen served as animator and technical director on Tim Burton’s acclaimed short film “Vincent”.

CHARLES CHIODO, artist, illustrator, creature fabricator and designer, producer, is co-chairman and head of production design for Chiodo Bros. Productions. From storyboarding to final finishing, his job is to create, develop and oversee the art direction of all projects. Charles is a graduate of the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and was a senior graphic artist for ABC News in New York as well as a freelance illustrator before starting his own business. He is the oldest of the three brothers. His credits include “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, Critters and, of course, Killer Klowns from Outer Space”.

EDWARD CHIODO, the youngest of the three, is co-chairman and head of corporate affairs. He is responsible for new business development, client relations and the overall operations of the studio. He also serves as executive producer on all Chiodo projects. Edward is a graduate of Hofstra University on Long Island where he studied Film/Communications. Prior to joining his brothers, Edward honed his talents coordinating and overseeing various aspects of production in both Los Angeles and New York. In addition to producing the cult classic “Killer Klowns,” he produced the puppet aspect of Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s “Team America: World Police” feature film.

JIM STRAIN is a screenwriter whose credits include “Bingo” and “Jumanji”. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the UCLA Film School and is a recipient of the prestigious Larry Thor Screenwriting Award. In addition to writing for motion pictures, Jim writes and directs for Actors Alley Theater.

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