Mark Rushton's "Hum And Drift", An Ambient/Electronica Album, Gets Wider Exposure

July 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
When Mark Rushton released his latest CD, Hum And Drift, he was determined that it would be available in multiple formats for today's diverse music audience on the internet.

Over the past few months, Rushton's ambient and electronica-infused CD album has shown up on such sites as, Apple iTunes,, Rhapsody, and Sony's Hum And Drift is also available through over 30 other digital download sites.

Rushton released a free MP3 of the track Sunday's Drift, which has so far received several thousand downloads. One reviewer said of Sunday's Drift: "With its snatch of acoustic guitar providing an earthy, if distinctly computer-enabled, rhythm, "Sunday Drift" couldn't surprise more if it took a sudden pause for a glorious break of fog-splitting shimmer which is exactly what it does. A free download off Mark Rushton's recent Hum and Drift album, the song uses that self-evident contrast (between pedestrian folksiness and heavenly aura) to its advantage, overlaying 'em for effect but playing them against each other as well."

"Sunday's Drift" has also been uploaded to, a streaming audio site that helps listeners discover other artists they might enjoy based upon a variety of criteria.

While 30 second to two minute samples of each of the album's tracks are available across the internet, Rushton also created an 8 1/2 minute megamix from every single track on the album. It's available as a MP3 download in the form of a free podcast at

Rushton is planning on releasing a new album of material in the latter part of 2006. It will be ambient-oriented collaboration with bass player Jon Harnish. Currently, Rushton is composing new tracks for future live shows and improvisational recordings. These new tracks plan to be more rhythmic-electronica based and shorter in length than today's current drone and ambience phase of lengthy recordings.

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